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Stay Healthy With Me

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Tale of a Bully

Tazzle's Phunt

narrated by Diana


Tazzle’s Phunt is a story that emerged from many many years of being bullied. I created this story eons ago, but I thought that now might be an appropriate time to share it in support of the It Gets Better Project.

Diet Rules VideoPresident Obama’s: It Gets Better Project
Diana’s: IT GETS BETTER: Hold On!

‘It Gets Better’ Video

Watch Now:  IT GETS BETTER: Hold On!

Although Diana is not gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, in this video, she talks about how she was bullied to support the Trevor Project, a non-profit group dedicated to helping youths who are wrestling with their sexuality, and urging bullies to stop victimizing their LGBT peers.

Mother Daughter Outfit of the Day Video

Welcome to the first video on my new YouTube video channel. Later, on this same channel, I will show you how to cook, plate food, Round foods, in addition to demo-ing some of my rebounding, skating and working out skills. For instance, I will show you how to get into shape in your own living room!

Video # 1