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Looking through the Grass

Diana_grass_side_borderEverything looks better through the grass when I’m looking at life in a rosy way. There just isn’t enough time to look at all sides of all things, so I decided long ago I’d give my attention to the rosier side…and that has made all the difference!

I was lucky to taste the near end of my life back when I had so much cancer that the treatments should have killed me. Being so close to my demise instantly shifted me into being a positive seeking person with a huge appreciation of how to spend my time from that moment on.

This transformation and clarity is one of the gifts given to those of us who almost left this earth abruptly or over a span of time that allowed lingering thoughts of a world without us. The grass would keep growing, the wind would keeps blowing. But I would not be here.

I often wonder what the world would be like if everyone got this gift without experiencing their own death dangling in from of them on the edge of a cliff. I imagine pins dropping, fighting ceasing, the world brightening, time slowing, as minds suddenly see the other places we all need to see before we sleep.