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LOVE: Do’s & Dont’s

Love on RoundTV!

In this video, Diana shares some relationship and love advice. Some of this advice is old, some  is new, but all of it is true. The ball is in your court on what you want to do.

love can be Simple

These do’s and don’ts may seem simple, and many of them are. The trick is to actually do them., at the very least think about them and let them seep into your brain.

Watch LOVE: Do’s & Don’ts.



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Top 10 Ways a Great Relationship Should Make You Feel!

Top Ten Affirmations to Say About Yourself!

#10 – You feel even better about yourself.

#9 – You feel completely relaxed.

#8 – You feel in sync.

#7 – You feel lovable as yourself.

#6 – You feel open and communicative.

#5 – You feel happy to be with each other.

#5 – You feel so close you need look no further.

#4 – You feel appreciated for what each other does.

#3 – You feel alive, hopeful and committed!

#2 – You feel at home!

#1 – You feel loved no matter what!