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One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip

One Minute ShowExercise in The Morning

In this second episode of the new One Minute Show series on Round TV, you’ll learn about a quickie get yourself moving tip that will get your day on track before you step out your front door.

One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip Watch One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip!



Eat Fast Food, Look Like Fast Food


It is important to eat healthy food, especially since every seven years your body regenerate itself with the food that enters your mouth. You an either be made out of greasy fast food or a variety of healthy foods such as avocados, leafy greens and a fresh fruit salad.

Knowing what is healthy to eat and not healthy is important. For instance, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grans and lean meats you prepare yourself in healthy ways will be lower in fat and higher in nutrition than fast foods.

The Round Diet book

ROUND TIP: To help people eat healthier, check out free videos on RoundTV, and for  a fun way to change your view of food to a healthy one that makes you automatically eat healthier, gift yourself, your family or a friend with the The Round Diet Book  now available on Amazon or any other popular online bookstore. Learn more about the book on Round Diet Author Site.

How to Stop Stuffing Your Face with Fast Food

Instead of taking the easy and unhealthy route by stuffing your face with fast food,  keep healthy snacks with you so you don’t get so hungry you don’t care what goes into your body. If you are a fast food junkie, you need to take a break from it for long enough to allow your taste buds and little voices in your head to return to their natural state.

If you like this, also check out Diet Visualizations, also known as other ways to eat less by using your mind.

By stopping cold turkey with fast food, you will likely feel a few days of withdrawal. You can lessen the pain by starting a new feeding plan with healthy foods. Before you know it, your new palette will appreciate the scrumptious taste of real food and you will not be so tempted by the disgusting fatty, greasy, high glycemic, high calorie, gut busting, extra salty, vitamin and nutrient-free, additive-rich, over-sized gluttonous portions of obesity producing fast food-like meals.

It’s your choice! The ball is in your court!

Food Thoughts Help You Eat Less

Think FOOD, Eat less

Some of our smartest scientists at Carnegie Mellon University discovered that continuous thinking about eating a particular food, such as candy or cheese, resulted in the study dieters to eat less of those foods they craved when it was offered to them.

This goes along with the already well-known idea that thinking about a food can make your mouth water. These savvy researchers extended this idea to find that you can also think your way into being satisfied without actually eating the food.

The study used M&Ms and cheese cubes and learned that imagining eating a lot of a food caused the mind to subconsciously restrict how much of that food the dieters actually later ate.

In a nutshell, the study conclusion found that people who imagined eating more food ate less of that same food when it was set before them later on.

New One Minute Series On RoundTV

Watch One Bite At A Time

The idea behind this new bodybuilding, healthy eating and Round inspired series is to feed people quick,  helpful , and easy to digest tidbits of information to anyone who wants to eat healthier, lose weight, and get into shape. Each show with feature a different element of taking care of your body.

RoundTV Roundlady VideoWatch One Minute Round Show: Bodybuilding Inspired Healthy Eating Tips.

Eat Healthy By Cooking at Home

Prepare food ahead of timeWhy Cook at Home?

To make sure you know what you are eating, it’s best to be your own cook in your own kitchen. To do this, you’ll need to go food shopping.

before Shopping

Before shopping, it’s smart to create a menu for your week. Look through cookbooks, search for online menus such as ones at the Food Network or any other favorites you come across. Then make a shopping list so you buy what you need, instead of what tempts you as you innocently cruise the shelves.

Choose recipes that include some of the same ingredients. That way you can use all the ingredient you buy and won’t waste any food.

Shop Ahead of Time

Get your groceries in advance so you have a stocked fridge and pantry before the week begins. If you know it’s going to be a hectic week, buy some partially prepared food that requires only a little bit of work to make. Just read the ingredients to make sure they’re healthy.

Prepare Your food Ahead of Time

A great idea is to prepare as much food over the weekend for the week. You can chop vegetables, cook chicken for salads, hard boil eggs, chop vegetables , marinate meat for the next day, and make a batch of brown or wild rice. This will make is easy to  put together a meal during any day of the week.

Cook more than one meal at a time. If you’re already grilling or baking chicken, make  extra and freeze half or place meal-sized portions in air-tight containers for another day.

Freeze Food For Later

Freezing food is a one more way to have prepared food on hand. But be sure to label your containers and bags of food so you know what they contain. If you are one of those neat and tidy organized people, you can even keep a list so you can see exactly what is in your freezer. And remember to wrap food tightly and also leave some space between frozen items so cold air can circulate around them.

Top 14 Anti-aging Foods to Eat

anri-aging1. Avocados (Sliced Round with a big Round seed)
This fruit contains healthy monounsaturated fat and vitamin E, which can help maintain healthy skin and prevent skin aging.

2. Berries (All Super Round)
Berries. Colorful berries contain a potent antioxidant anthocyanin that makes them blue, red and purple. Eat plenty of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, pomegranate, cherries, acai berries, and blood oranges, to name a few of the best choices. Each of these foods has a variety of other powerful antioxidants that repair and protect your skin’s cells.

3. Cruciferous vegetables (Round heads and flowerettes)
The family of Cruciferous vegetables includes cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, turnip, brussels sprouts, radish and watercress. They assist the body in its fight against toxins and cancer.

4. Garlic (Round cloves)
Eating a clove of garlic a day (raw or cooked) helps to protect the body against cancer and heart disease. Studies suggest that garlic reduces cholesterol levels and assists blood thinning better than aspirin, thus helping to reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Ginger (Can be slice into circles)
This spicy root can boost the digestive and circulatory systems, which can be a plus for older people. Ginger may also help to alleviate rheumatic aches and pains.

6. Nuts (Round and curvy)
Most varieties of nuts are good sources of minerals, espeically walnuts and Brazil nuts. Walnuts, although high in calories, are rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. Eat a handful of nuts and seeds a day. They are loaded with “good” fat that helps “plump” your skin, antioxidants and lots of minerals that are good for your skin, too.

7. Soy (Soy beans are Round)
Menopausal women might find that soya helps to maintain oestrogen levels, and can alleviate menopausal hot flashes and protect against Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and heart disease.

8. Whole meal pasta and rice (Whole grains are Round)
These complex carbohydrates provide a consistent supply of energy throughout the day and should be a part of your diet. Wholemeal pasta and Brown rice are excellent complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber.

9. Watermelon (Big, bold and Super Round)
Both the flesh and seeds of the watermelon are nutritious so try blending them together in a food processor and drinking as a juice to help protect against free radical damage and aging.

10. Water (Water drops are Round)
Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to help rid of the toxins and unwanted waste materials from your body. Don’t rely on thirst; this sensation diminishes with age. Drink often and choose from nutritious liquids, including 100% fruit and vegetable juices, skim or low fat milk, broths, sparkling water, and teas. You can also get fluids from foods, especially those that are liquid at room temperature. Try gelatin, frozen yogurt, soups, watermelon, pickles, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

11. Spinach (Round Leaves)
Lutein is found in spinach, kale, corn, and other vegetables. It has the ability to give additional antioxidant capacity to your skin and enhances skin hydration.

12. Beans (Super Round)
Anthocyanin is found in very high quantities in black beans and black soybeans. Soybeans are also high in isoflavones, also linked to anti-aging properties.

13. Tomatoes (Super Round)
Lycopene, in red grapefruit, tomatoes, watermelon, and pink grapefruit, is a powerful weapon against free radicals. It has the ability to inhibit sun-induced aging and can neutralize free radicals.

14. Salmon (Curvy fish)
Salmon has a host benefits for your skin, from the omega-3s to the high-quality protein. Make it a regular in your diet (at least three times a week), and you will see plumper, more youthful skin in about six weeks.


Veganize Your Eating

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Vegans are Everywhere! Did you know that former President Bill Clinton lost 24 pounds for his daughter Chelsea’s recent wedding, and he became a vegetarian to do it. Although he eats fish once in a while, he now eats what … Continue reading

Day 25 – The Round 28-Day Diet

MONA_ON_A_ROLLToday is all about Roundercising.

By now you should be exercising regularly. If you not, you are only getting half the job done.

Many people  tell me that they run out of energy or time and therefore cannot workout.

So let’s get energized and figure out a way to motivate you so you can not just shrink your body, but reshape it.

Energize Yourself

Shoot for 30 minutes of  walking, five days a week.

Snack on nuts
Nuts are full of protein and sugar-free , and the protein in nuts digests slowly for lasting energy.

Eat a banana
Bananas are full of potassium, a mineral that is key to converting blood sugar into energy.01_banana_whole_sliced

Drink Green tea
Green tea contains caffeine (an energizer) and theanine (makes you feel calmer) — all while keeping your mind clear.

Go for a hike
Appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty, and while you do you will also be relieving stress that can be an energy zapper. Even studies suggest that people in offices who have views of nature have fewer stress-related symptoms.

MONA_WHINERS_NOT_ALLOWEDStay away from whiners
Avoid people, even friends, who call, text, email or whatnot — on a daily basis — just to whine and complain. They will ear you down and wear you out and you will have nothing left for yourself. You can give these whiners 5 minutes, and let them know ahead of time — and then keep to your 5-minute word and go about your own day.

Take a nap
According to a Harvard study,  a 30-minute midday nap prevents energy from getting further depleted, while an hour-long nap actually boosts energy and performance.

Roundercising Gym Alternatives that will make you feel like a child again


MONA_SKATINGRoller-skating is on par with jogging when it comes to calorie burning and leg strengthening, but has much less impact on your knees and ankles.

This is also a great exercise for the entire family. And I don’t need to tell you how important it is to get your kids moving so they do not become one of the many kids today that are fatter than they need to be. So take the kids to a nearby rink and enjoy yourselves!

Hula-hooping is a superb way to slim down your mid-section while improving your posture and balance. Good posture helps you stand up straighter so that you look and feel proud of yourself.

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline like a playful child. It’s great for your back, your lymphatic system,  and you can watch television while you jump and bounce.

Bouldering is a great cardio and strength builder, gets your blood pumping, and engages just about every muscle in your body! It will do wonders for your arms and legs , and the challenge of this sport is great for you self-esteem.REBOUNDER

Pole Dancing
Pole dancing or striptease pole dancing is a big hit with celebrities like Kate Hudson and Teri Hatcher.This sexy Roundercise (twirling in a circular spiral around a pole) are low-intensity cardio workouts that can help you let go of inhibitions while toning your upper body and stomach.

Working out at home

If you cannot get to the gym, no problem — it does not have to get in the way of your fitness. Here are some great ways to get into shape at home.

Do 50 squats, 50 push-ups, 50 crunches and 50 lunges.

Run Stairs
Run up and down flights of stairs for 20 minutes.

Start by standing, then drop to a squat, jump out and do one push-up, jump your legs back in, and explode up, clapping your hands above you as you do a jumping jack. now repeat for 25 burpees.

Jump Rope
If you are short on time and want an intense and quick workout, get our a jump rope and jump for 5 to 12 minutes..

Follow Workout DVDs
There is a plethora of workout DVDs that you can do at home that don’t require any equipment, and if you are a true Freegan, then check out the many YouTube demonstrations.

COW_RIDINGBlowing off Exercise

Exercise is essential for building muscle and bone, burning fat, letting you sleep, keeping you young and sexy, giving you energy, and all those good things you want for yourself.

Remember not to give in to your own library of excuses, and know that once you instill a habit of Roundercising that you find it much easier to make it a part of your life..

Becoming Fully Roundercised

It is important that you do all the different types of Roundercises to be well-Rounded and healthy inside and out. By this I mean that you need to do all these:

  • Stretching Roundercises that make your body more limber, create healthier joints and prevent injuries.
  • Sweaty Aerobic Roundercises that give you youthful endurance by strengthening your heart and lungs.
  • Shaping Roundercises that add curves, strength & shape to your body, while also making your bones denser.
  • Spiritual Roundercises that help you become a sensuous whole person with a balanced body and mind.
  • Sleeping Roundercises that rest your body and mind, and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

See what these Roundercises are all about.

Great Pre-Workout SnacksSNACK_WORKOUTS

Here are some Round snacks that will digest quickly and prepare your body to really work.

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup sliced mango
  • 50 seedless Raisins
  • 1 cup whole grain cereal
  • 1 plain mini bagel
  • 6 oz. of low-sodium vegetable juice

TIP_SNOPEIf you can’t find 30 minutes a day to Roundercise, then you might not be able to fit into smaller jeans. And it is not all about losing inches off your body, it’s about living a more active lifestyle and eating healthy so you can live a long and happy life.

So dig deep and fit Roundercising into your day — and your life.


One day a week

For one meal, you can eat out, or eat something not on the diet, but keep portions in control. This will allow you to feel less deprived, along with letting you see just how unRound some of the foods you crave might be. This is of course an optional part of the diet and you don’t have to veer off by eating less Round food. Your own personal choice as is everything in life!

If you want to just eat healthy rather than lose pounds, you can eat the same foods as on the Round Holiday Diet, but increase your portions. If you choose this route, keep in mind that most of time you will be eating foods that either naturally grow  in a Round shape on a tree, a vine or in the ground or can be sliced into circles from their natural Round shape, like a banana or cucumber. This is also key to keeping your new body so that you can always wear your smaller jeans.

Tonight’s Homework

As we move to the end of these 28-days, continue to to impress these Round habits into every cell of your body:

  • Be prepared
  • Recognize Round foods
  • Choose your Round meals
  • Choose Round recipes
  • Always make a shopping list
  • Shop for Round food in a circle
  • Prepare Round food ahead of time
  • Portion and prettily plate Round food
  • Eat Round food
  • Follow a Balanced Roundercise Routine
  • Visualize my smaller butt and happy self
  • Affirm Yourself
  • Write in Your Diary
  • Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
  • Take Time to Relax
  • Measure myself
  • Get 8 hours sleep
  • Get a Diet Buddy or I have the inner strength to diet by myself
  • Fit laughter into my day
  • Stand beside the Round Diet No No’s
  • Enjoy my new Round eating and living habits

Control your hunger with Nature’s portable snacks!

Eating Nature’s portable snacks will set you apart from those who fall prey to becoming so hungry that they uncontrollably consuming copious amounts of salty, quick fix, fattening foods. You will learn that snacks eaten between meals can stabilize your system as you feed yourself evenly throughout the day. A more stable you can lead to a calmer and more playful you.

As a busy on-the-go Round Eater you can enjoy healthy foods that Nature cleverly packaged in snack-friendly biodegradable outer coatings, such as oranges and bananas in peels, along with eggs and nuts in shells. Round travel-friendly snacks can be stored in your car, pocket, purse, gym bag, backpack or office to help you avoid devouring snacks made out of ingredients only a chemist could understand.

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is a tongue-twisting phenolic chemical compound commonly added to foods high in fat and oils and cereal to stabilize flavor, odor and/or color. These toxic preservatives can cause cancer and migraines by simply allowing their names to roll off your tongue: Imidazolidinyl urea, Diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol), methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone.

“It would be nice if the Food and Drug Administration stopped issuing warnings about toxic substances and just gave me the names of one or two things still safe to eat.”
Robert Fuoss

“Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.”
Albert Einstein