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Get Fit! Eat Healthy With Family

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Meet My Niece In this video you’ll meet Jenny, Diana’s Niece, Jenny, who is a lot like her. They pose, weights in the gym, eat healthy and jump with the family. You’ll get an idea of the full circle of … Continue reading

DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Lunch & Lunchtime

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With Springtime in the air, this video shows you more ideas on lunch and snack foods you can take to work or school or wherever you spend your day, along with squeezing in exercise with friends or by yourself.

Skate for Lunch Bunch

Find out about starting your own Skate for Lunch Bunch (or walk or run for lunch bunch) at work or school, and create a more active lifestyle that will in turn make you look and feel healthier. In the words of Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing!”

View DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Lunch & Lunchtime now!


DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Snack, iPhone & Water

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New on RoundTV The series continues with a diet trick for when you take a trip like I did on my birthday, and an exercise trick that focuses on getting support from a buddy. You will learn that a phone, … Continue reading

Can’t Stay Fat Eating Grapes

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As requested, a video about snacking and getting outside on the weekends. One of the keys to staying slim and fit is staying active and always keeping healthy snacks within reach. Grapes are nature’s candy, and with springtime about to bring April flowers…so shall it bring grapes and weather worthy of outdoor activities.

Watch the Can’t Stay Fast Eating Grapes video now!

Jump & Eat for a Firm Butt, Thighs & Healthy Heart

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In this video Diana shows you some of her favorite Round snacks, along with more rebounding, jumping on a mini-tramploline exercises to firm up your butt and thighs — all while having fun as you make your heart healthy.

Watch Jumping on a Rebounder with Healthy Snacks (for butt, thighs & heart).