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Mother Daughter Outfit of the Day Video

Welcome to the first video on my new YouTube video channel. Later, on this same channel, I will show you how to cook, plate food, Round foods, in addition to demo-ing some of my rebounding, skating and working out skills. For instance, I will show you how to get into shape in your own living room!

Video # 1



Round Food Intake Form

A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, found that dieters who kept track of what they eat lost almost double the weight of those who diet without keeping track. Tracking your food is also a great way to know what you are eating throughout the day. Many people are surprised that they eat more than they think they do. It also helps you see changes over time that you might not notice from day to day.

On the form, there is a section for tracking Roundercises (Round exercises) to help you remember to exercise in combination with eating healthy Round foods.

Download the the Round Food Intake Form, print it, make copies, place in a binder, and fill out daily to track your Rounding down progress.

Eating my own Round Diet

I got an email from a friend wondering why I was trying to lose weight.

Well, people may think I don’t every have to watch what I eat, but the reason I don’t ever have to lose a lot of weight is because I do my best to keep from gaining weight in the first place. When I do gain a few pounds, I’m on my emergency bodybuilding-style Rounding Down Diet, which I am doing now!

I’ll be grocery shopping later, choosing Round foods from this list.

Example Food on the Round Diet

Here’s an example of 3 days of meals and snacks on the Round Diet. Keep in mind that along with these meals, I also added Extra Round foods for cooking and flavor.

For instance, I cooked the eggs in a drizzle of olive oil, and sprinkled the salads with a light dressing I made out of rice wine vinegar, olive oil, basil and Dijon mustard.

I also drank water during and inbetween meals, which means you might want to make sure you are within reach of a place to pee.