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Sexy Top Cheftestant Angelo Sosa

Chef Angelo Sosa

Angelo describes his culinary creations as if he is talking about a woman. His vegetables are luscious, his entree’s are sexy and he confesses that he ‘makes love” to his food.  This could all sound ultra cheesy, but somehow this Asian-inspired chef pulls it off.

Angelo is my pick to win, and I do admit it is partly due to his charm that makes everything he creates appear like a passionate romantic kiss — I mean dish. He’s won a bevy of challenges, showing he’s worthy of his sexy chef ways.

This half Dominican and half Italian, passion fruit drinking,  simplicity-seeking chef is a fusion of cultures in the modern kitchen — and I want to eat in it. As he says, “The soul of his cuisine is ancient but reincarnated as an adventure that is young and daring.”

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Catch Up with Handsome Top Chef Champ Michael Voltaggio

Michael Voltaggio

It’s Good to be a Top Chef

Watch last season’s handsome Top Chef winner, Michael Voltaggio, prepare winning dishes made by this season’s contestants. Then check out what this brooding champ is up to as he uproots himself and moves to Southern California.

Kelly Liken’s Pork Carnitas Tacos

Kelly Liken’s winning dish was a hit with the diners.

Let Michael show you how it was done.

Angelo Sosa’s Arctic Char

Michael recreates Angelo Sosa’s winning dish of arctic char sashimi with smoked bacon froth and a chili tapioca.

Watch how Michael prepares this dish in the inventive style that we have all grown to love.

What’s Michael up to now?

After a year in the Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel, “Top Chef” champion Michael Voltaggio will have his last day of service. On July 17, he’ll be heading out of Pasadena, looking for new digs to settle into. He took a few minutes to chat about his future restaurant venture.

Check out what Michael has to say about his future plans on his upcoming adventure.