Round Exercise, also known as Roundercisces

The strategy behind Roundercising is a mixture of my outdoor tree-climbing, mountain-hiking, roller-skating and bodybuilding lifestyle. I discovered five types of Roundercises that either move your body in a circular motion, use Round shapes such as balls or wheels, increase healthy circulation inside your body, balance your body with your mind, relax your whole being, or Round out your muscles to create a curvier, sexier, and more fit physique.

CAAUTIONConsult with your doctor before Roundercising. Side affects may cause you to feel more energetic, along with enjoying less fat clinging to the inside of your body or jiggling on the outside of your body. You are likely to live longer, so be aware that you may need to plan your retirement accordingly.

Roundercises are Sexy — SSSSSexy

S is for Stretching Roundercises that make your body more limber, create healthier joints and prevent injuries.

S is for Sweaty Aerobic Roundercises that give you youthful endurance by strengthening your heart and lungs.

S is for Shaping Roundercises that add curves, strength & shape to your body, while also making your bones denser.

S is for Spiritual Roundercises that help you become a sensuous whole person with a balanced body and mind.

S is for Sleeping Roundercises that rest your body and mind, and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Stretching Roundercises

Stretching Roundercises elongate your body, allowing more room for each of your joints and muscles. Stretching Roundercises can help reduce the aches and pains many of us have when we try to get out of bed in the morning.

EXAMPLEStretching Roundercises include warm ups, yoga poses, cool downs, hanging upside-down on an inversion contraption, and imitating your cat or dog upon awakening by stretching your toes and yawning unabashedly.

The Roundest muscle is the Gluteus Maximus, also known as the Butt. This muscle powerfully pulls your leg backwards when you walk or run.

Sweaty Roundercises

Sweaty aerobic Roundercises help you increase your stamina so you can keep up with your fit friends, neighbors or energy-filled kids. They improve your cardiovascular health so you can climb stairs and do other normal tasks without huffing and puffing.

EXAMPLESweaty Roundercises include rebounding, roller-skating, hula hooping, exercising on a fitness ball, jump roping, bicycling, dancing, playing any game with a ball (like basketball, bowling, or golf), rock climbing, skiing (shushing down a curvy mountain), running or jogging, swimming, gymnastics, fancy diving, Tae Bo, treadmilling (running or walking in one place as if you are in a hole), Bikram yoga, and rolling in the hay.

Shaping Roundercises 


Diana before a show in 1984

Shaping Roundercises add curves to your body by toning, shaping and strengthening your muscles, all of which help hold your spine and bones in place so that you do not appear limp or lifeless like a wet rag doll.

EXAMPLEShaping Roundercises include bodybuilding (shaping, sculpting, & strengthening with weights), power lifting, isometrics, calisthenics, circuit training, long yoga holds, and daily activities that require repetitive muscle use (like vacuuming, climbing stairs, gardening or playing pool while flexing your muscles).

Spiritual Roundercises

Spiritual Roundercises provide you with focus, groundedness, clarity and centeredness over your life and body, resulting in a well-Rounded you.

EXAMPLESpiritual Roundercises include breathing practice, active mental training (like meditating and visualizing), massage, Mantram (the practice of repeatedly rolling over in the mind pleasant syllables, words or phrases that reduce negative thoughts), martial arts, posing,yoga when taken from a spiritual teacher, and relaxing in a sauna, steam, jacuzzi or candle-lit hot bubble bath.

Sleeping Roundercises

Sleeping Roundercises give your body time to repair itself and your mind time to organize all of the information that comes flooding into your brain everyday like this book.

EXAMPLESleeping Roundercises include listening to relaxation tapes, sleeping 8-hours a night, taking afternoon naps, dozing in a car, plane or train, sleeping late on weekends, catching up on sleep when changing time-zones, dreaming heavily, savasana at the end of yoga, sleeping extra when you are sick, along with lying in bed reading, waiting for your bed-mate or thinking about whatever makes you happiest.

What is a Balanced Roundercise Routine?

MONA-DIETING_SIZES-YOU2A balanced Roundercise routine is a blend of Sweaty, Shaping, Stretching, Spiritual, Sleeping exercises, and a weekly day of rest.

A balanced Roundercising day might consist of a 10-minute Stretching warm-up, a 30-minute Sweaty morning walk, a 20-minute Shaping set of lunges and squats, a 25-minute Spiritual bubble bath, along with 8-hours of sound Sleeping. Or take a yoga class and get a balance of each of the five types of SSSSSexy Roundercises.

Round Down and Shape Up

TOON_ROUNDSHAPEIf you really want to speed up the Rounding down and shaping up process, going to a gym, climbing stairs or doing old fashioned, tried and true calisthenics so that you have some resistance training in your balanced Roundercise routine.

As a Round Holiday Diet Rounderciser, if you really want to slim down and shape up,  follow a Roundercise routine like this one for the next 7 days. Along the way I’ll give you some tips and answer people’s questions on how they want to reshape their body.


Create Active Habits


  • Make time for Roundercising by planning ahead and ignoring your own library of excuses.
  • Move your body more, such as parking on the far side of parking lots and walking to your destination.
  • Try a variety of Roundercises and give yourself time to learn how to move your body in new ways.

Roundercising Tips

  • Eat a banana & drink up to 1/2 a cup of coffee 15 minutes before doing Sweaty or Shaping Roundercises.
  • Hydrate yourself with water or a sports drink often while working out.
  • Try different Roundercises until you find ones that work for you.
  • Do exercises you enjoy and know that variety is the spice of any Roundercising life.
  • Set realistic goals by taking small steps, rather than training like an Olympian and burning out or giving up before your body has a chance to surprise you and others with its new slim and shapely sexiness.

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