Round Diet (28 Days of Healthiness)

TOON_BAKE_ME_A_PIE28-Day of Dieting Down

The ROUND DIET, also known as a Round Life, helps you change your eating, exercise and thinking habits! All you need is a desire for a smaller butt, looser jeans, and the decision to be healthier starting now!

Diana says, “I made these 28-days very much like I’d coach somebody, but this way I can reach more people — anywhere.”

Tell me more!

When: Start changing your habits to become healthier inside and out — anytime! What’s stopping you now?
This 28-day plan is more than a diet — it’s a way to see food and yourself differently — all so you can fit into smaller jeans.
Anybody who wants a smaller butt. Follow it by yourself, with your family or a friend, but not your dog or cat.
Start with Day 1 below, and then return here for each day thereafter.

28-Days of Rounding Down

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DAY 1: This will get you started with Round Diet menu choices and give you a taste of what’s to come in the next 28-days.


DAY 2: You will eat the same, use recipes, workout more, visualize your fat cells shrinking so you can be one step closer to changing your need for food that you will soon learn is not really food at all.


DAY 3: You will eat the same, get recipes from some of Diana’s favorite celebrity chefs, burn more fat, snack at a movie and be reminded of everything you need to do as you change how you look at food.


DAY 4: You will get a bump in flavors and food choices, as well as choosing a balanced Roundercising routine that works for you so you can reshape, not just re-size your body.


DAY 5: Now you are cooking, eating and Roundercising and you are finally over the hump of the first and hardest 3 days. Your new view of food is starting to kick in and so are the flavors in what used to seem like such simple foods.


DAY 6: Get a summary of all you need to be doing, try flavorful Extra Round favorites, create active habits, get more tips and enjoy your journey to a more fit shapeliness.


DAY 7: Now that you are one week in to the diet, you get to have a bit of fun by learning about healthy snacks and Round plating, along with reminders of your daily diet duties.


DAY 8: Welcome to the second week of the diet where you will get a recap on what to eat and learn more about portions as you shrink your fat cells and your body.


DAY 9: Get more menu ideas, prepare and make eating simpler, choosing Sweaty and Shaping exercises and measuring your success.


DAY 10: Get new ideas about dining out, everything from ordering in a restaurant to choosing from a buffet and dealing with desserts and more.


DAY 11: Learn why guilt is not allowed on the diet, figure out what your favorite Round foods are, and learn to adopt Round eating habits along the way.


DAY 12: Get a reminder about doing your Sweaty and Shaping Roundercises,  learn about the top ten Roundest fall foods, and try a few Round fall recipes.


DAY 13: Experiment with cooking, notice your changing view of food, remember to follow a well-Rounded eating schedule — and remember your goal


DA Y  14: Be your own biggest winner like The Biggest Loser, learn about the White House garden and follow guidelines for a lower glycemic index eating style — like the Obamas.


DAY 15: Become hot, skinny, and healthy, learn about what it means to eat Super healthy to maintain your goal jean weight for years to come .


DAY16: Today is all about snacks, snacks and more snacks, the simple nature of snack recipes and being a Freegan with recipes — and not just snack recipes.


DAY 17: Today is all about eating Round wherever you go, spicing it up with Round flavors, and remembering to choose and eat Round foods most of the time.


DAY 18: You are adapting to the diet, remembering all the good things about yourself, turning around any negative feelings and learning more about delicious  fish.


DAY 19: Today is all about your Diet Diary, getting rid of your excuses, and a summary of all that you should be doing as your butts shrinks.


DAY 20: With one week left, we take a look at the Round Diet in a nutshell so you can make sure you are following it to a Tee!


DAY 21: Today is all about recipes, Round ones you can make for your Rounding down breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
BULLET_APPLEDAY 22: Eat even Rounder, eat the top ten Roundest foods, follow a new Round shopping exercise, and learn a bit about different types of vegetarians.
BULLET_APPLEDAY23: You’re Round habits are kicking in, you  know what to ask when you want unRound food, a Round White House recipe and a story from Diana’s past.
BULLET_APPLEDAY 24: Learn about degrees of Roundness, keeping your pantry stocked, a visualization reminder, and throw a Round party.
BULLET_APPLEDAY 25: Today is all about Roundercising, getting motivate and energized, along with gym alternatives and a free meal where you can eat what you want.
BULLET_APPLEDAY 26: A bit on working out in the morning, a bunch of good Round foods to eat, and a teaser about what’s coming in the world of Round eating.
DAY 27: Feel satisfied and less insanely hungry, remember your ultimate goal, ways to enjoy a rounder cup of coffee or tea, Roundercise your face, and visualize yourself in the future.
DAYS 28: This is the final day on this 28-day Round Diet, and now you know that this diet is more than a diet — and that you can continue resizing and reshaping or simply maintain your smaller butt.


For one day in your week, for just one meal, you can eat out or eat something not on the diet — keep portions in control. This will allow you to feel less deprived, along with showing you just how unRound some of the foods you crave might be. This is an optional part of the diet — it’s your choice.

If you want to just eat healthy rather than lose pounds, you can eat the same foods as on the Round Diet, but increase your portions. If you choose this route, keep in mind that most of time you will be eating foods that either naturally grow  in a Round shape on a tree, a vine or in the ground or can be sliced into circles from their natural Round shape, like a banana or cucumber. This is also key to keeping your new body so that you can always wear your smaller jeans.


As a product of eating Round her entire life and off to school and cooking for herself for the first time, Diana’s daughter, Brittany, entertains you with her Round Dieting antics. She is not on a diet, but decided to follow the Round Diet for 7 days to help show other people what it’s like. She’s an example of what eating Round can do, and now knows how to eat healthy forever — and that is a good thing!

Brittany on the Diet


You should not follow any diet without a blessing from your  doctor. And please be aware that eating Round and doing Roundercising can have the side affect of making you sexier, slimmer and sexier, which can cause you to feel better about yourself so that you want to show off your new butt in a smaller pair of jeans. Not everyone is amused by this, so please plan your life accordingly.


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