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One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip

One Minute ShowExercise in The Morning

In this second episode of the new One Minute Show series on Round TV, you’ll learn about a quickie get yourself moving tip that will get your day on track before you step out your front door.

One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip Watch One Minute Fitness Trampoline Inspired Exercise Tip!


Warm Winter Workout

Warm Winter WorkoutsLayer up

When the weather is icy, frigid, cold, brisk or otherwise not warm, wear multiple layers of comfortable, breathable clothing. This will allow you to peel off layers as you get going and warm up, and layer them back on when you cool down. Wear warm hats, scarves, and gloves  to protect your skin. And don’t forget lip balm and SPF protection for your face–even if the sun is not shining.

Energy Up

Hot or cold, your body needs fuel for energy when you workout. Have a bowl of hot oatmeal an hour or two before setting out for a workout so you don’t run out of energy in the middle of whatever exercise you set out to do. The same goes for water–your body does not need to be in a sunny, sweltering climate to need hydration. Being  out in the shivering, dry air can suck the water right out of you. So drink water before, during, and after a workout, or at least before and after.

Start up

Before doing any exercise in the cold, find a warm spot to slowly stretch and get your circulation moving. Do the same when you cool down. This is especially a must in the chilly air, since cold muscles tend to become stiff muscles. The last thing you want is to pull a frozen muscle.

warm up

If you live in the Arctic or some other face-freezing, glacial climate, or you know a blizzard is heading your way, be prepared to switch it up and workout indoors. It won’t do you any good if you become a sickly ice-cube when your actual endeavor is to be a healthy and fit human being. Nobody will think you are a stud if you freeze body parts off, so grab a DVD, run up and down your stairs, or bounce on a rebounder or mini-trampoline and your get your sweat on the cozy warmth of the indoors!

SKATING: Don’t Fall in the Pool

Skating Around the Pool New Video on RoundTV

In this video, I get to team up with my long ago skating partner, Dave, who I’ve barely skated with for years. I had a great time making this, which is likely to spawn more videos of this nature.

You’ll get a taste of Dave and I skating around the pool, and you’ll see Dave’s own “Box Step” and “Flat Foot Spin”, in addition to a smattering of pool surprises.

Don't Fall in the PoolRoller skating is a very Round exercise or sport. The wheels are Round, spinning is Round, in a rink you skate in a circle, and it gets your circulation circulating Round and Round.

Watch SKATING: Don’t Fall in the Pool.

ROUNDLADY: Diana as a Bodybuilder

New On RoundTV

By request, I made a montage of bodybuilding photos from my competitive years from a long time ago.

Since I didn’t note any of my titles in this video, I thought I’d mention titles from competitions that are in the montage of photos.

1982: Miss Family Fitness Overall Winner
1983: Northern California Light Weight Winner
1983: Miss San Jose Light Weight Winner
1984: Miss San Jose Overall Winner
1984: West Coast Overall Winner
1984: Western America Light Weight Winner

View ROUNDLADY: Diana as a Bodybuilder!


New on RoundTV

Diana shows you a magically impossible bouncing routine where she bounces high and changes clothes on a JumpSport mini-trampoline. Rebound enthusiasts can follow along for a strength workout, and by skipping the clothes changing trick, a great workout shall still be had.

Note that this routine requires jumping on a JumpSport due to the necessary bouncability needed to jump high.

Watch CHANGE CLOTHES: While jumping. I hope you SUBSCRIBE, so Diana can reach the subscriber numbers needed to become a partner and do longer workout videos! For instance, imagine 20 minute workouts with tips on what to eat before and after exercising.

Burn Baby Burn – Calories on a Rebounder

Calories Burned By Rebounding

Rebounding is a less stressful means of removing body fat, while simultaneously firming every inch of your body. By simply running in place on a rebounder, you can easily burn calories. According to your body weight, the table on the left shows you how many calories, when running on the rebounder, can be burned for a specified amount of time.

Rebounding vs. Jogging

By jumping on a well-made rebounder, you will feel invigorated and filled with a sense of well-being. This means that you might want to adjust your daily plans as you enjoy how rebounding makes it easier for you to work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous.

You will also need to grow accustomed to living in a tighter body, because the action of bouncing up and down against gravity, without trauma to the musculoskeletal system, is one of the most beneficial aerobic, fat-burning, muscle-tightening, immune-enhancing, full body exercises ever developed.

Rebounder Routines A-Coming!

Stay tuned to learn more about this very Round exercise that combined with a healthy Round way of eating will give you that toned, slim and sexy body that everyone deserves.

RoundTV will be posting Rebounder Routines that anybody can follow. This will be a new series that will start in June and continue through the Summer!

FUNNY: My Round World

New on RoundTV

Join me as I jump in my little Round world, where one never knows who might appear. This video was originally accompanied with “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 , so feel free to watch it while listening to the YouTube dance song — or mute it and add the Maroon 5 or another song.

Stay tuned for rebounder reviews coming over the next weeks. I will tell you what is the best all around rebounder, the quietest, the lightest, in addition to what these round jumping things cost and where to get them.

View FUNNY: My Round World now, and share it with a friend who needs a little levity in their day.

WORKOUT: Jumping on 3 Rebounders

New on RoundTV

In this video you will be introduced to my quest to find the best rebounder, along with other exercise equipment. I will jump on 3 rebounders and give you a taste of what I am up to in my search and research, plus I will show you the first 3 rebounders I am testing and you will see me triple rebound, my invention, for the first time.

Expect more rebounder videos, along with new exercises and routines I learned from the world’s greatest authority on rebound exercise. You will be surprised to know that rebounding is the single healthiest exercise a person can do, and in future videos I will share with you why. It is very exciting and very Round!

View WORKOUT: Jumping on 3 Rebounders.


DIET & EXERCISE TRICK: Snack, iPhone & Water

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New on RoundTV The series continues with a diet trick for when you take a trip like I did on my birthday, and an exercise trick that focuses on getting support from a buddy. You will learn that a phone, … Continue reading