Farmer Creates Hottest Chili Pepper Ever, The Naga Viper

Naga Viper Hottest Chili PepperHottest Round Food

This new breed of pepper, the Naga Viper, is not a snake, but is shares a snake-like name for a reason – a bite of this viper can make you want to die.

This blazing hot pepper ironically grows in a freezing climate, and is fierier than the hottest peppers grown in India and Mexico.

NoteThe Naga Viper now tops the hottest Round food list. It naturally grows in a Round shape, can be sliced into circles, making it a Super and Sliced Round scorching hot food, according to the Science of Roundology.

This new pepper is the creation of a chili farmer living in northwest England who crossed three of the hottest peppers in a greenhouse surrounded by snow to spawn the Naga Viper.

Pepper experts spout that this Naga Viper pepper is thousands of times hotter than chili peppers, claiming it to be the hottest pepper on our Round Earth. Okay, I added the Round part, but this is Roundorama and it is true — our Earth is Super Round, as is the moon, the sun and universe of planets.

Those who dared to taste the Viper say it is painful to eat. After it numbs your tongue, it continues by burning all the way down. How far down I do not know, but that burning sensation can last an hour. The funny thing is that although for that hour you are practically immobilized, you also supposedly feel great.


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