10 Must Know Healthy Eating Habits For Babies

1. Show and tell your baby about different fruits and vegetables.
The Round Lady suggests showing your baby the Round shape of healthy foods, so your baby can learn to spot healthy food by its roundness.
2. Talk about the food your baby is eating.
3. Know that your baby’s likes and dislikes can change daily.
4. Make sure your baby gets a balanced diet. Do this with plenty of variety.
5. Keep from rushing mealtimes. Let yourself feel relaxed. Enjoy the moment.
6. Eat healthy in front of your baby. Your baby will do what your baby sees.
7. Offer your baby water to drink, and do this every meal.
8. Create a regular schedule of eating for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
9. Never make your baby eat something your baby hates.
Growing up, I was forced to eat Lima beans a lot. To this day I consider them evil. Having to eat them made me hate them with a passion. So no forcing!
10. Turn mealtimes into an eating and talking only event. Leave your distractions elsewhere. Enjoy the time!


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