Veganize Your Eating

Vegans are Everywhere!

Did you know that former President Bill Clinton lost 24 pounds for his daughter Chelsea’s recent wedding, and he became a vegetarian to do it. Although he eats fish once in a while, he now eats what the vegans eat just to eat healthy, not lose weight.

Food Without a Face Please

Vegans exclude flesh, fish, fowl, dairy products (including animal milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt), eggs, honey, and animal gelatin, as well as anything else of animal origin – or as some people say, “No food with a face.”

Why Veganize Your Eating

  • Lower levels of saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Added fiber
  • Reduced risk of obesity or high blood pressure
  • Lower levels of bad cholesterol
  • More fruits and vegetables
  • Lower levels of environmental toxins

What Vegans Often Lack

  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin is found exclusively in animal products. Vitamin-B12-fortified yeast can be a good B12 supplement for vegans, soy and certain breakfast cereals fortified with B12.
  • Iron: Since many vegetarian sources of iron are not readily absorbed, vegans might also need iron supplements or iron-fortified vegan products.
  • Vitamin D: Only a few foods are good sources of vitamin D–fatty fish and dairy products, mainly–so supplements are often recommended.
  • Calcium: Found primarily in dairy products, but also in vegetarian foods such as spinach and kale.
  • Protein: Vegans need to add proper sources of vegetable protein in proper amounts. Some ideas: 1/2 cup beans; 1/2 cup tofu; 8 oz. soy milk; 1/2 cup edamame; and veggie burgers (protein varies here). Around 60 grams of protein per day should suffice.

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