World’s Biggest Bean Bowl Promises Gassy Competition

Hurricane beans

If you are anywhere near Pinson, Alabama, this Saturday, you may want to wear a wind breaker. These Round morsels of wind-producing protein will be heating up a record-breaking storm in this humongous, newly built bean pot.

The powers that be at the Alabama Butterbean Festival plan to make a 2,000-pound bowl of beans, which will break the standing world record of 832.14 gallons. The Butterbean Festival previously set the Big Bean Bowl record back in 2002 and now wants a reason to toot its own musical fruit again.

The bean preparers will fill this giant pot with beans to attempt to break the record for “World’s Largest Bowl of Beans.” This pot is set to hold 2,000 pounds of beans on newly built humongous burners using a matching humongous recipe.

The new recipe includes 800 gallons of water, 400 pounds of ham, 50 pounds of butter, 50 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of salt, 10 pounds of pepper and 10 pounds of these bean preparers “secret ingredients.”

Let the biggest bowl of beans win and the hurricane-force, methane-filled wind fly.


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