Sexy Top Cheftestant Angelo Sosa

Chef Angelo Sosa

Angelo describes his culinary creations as if he is talking about a woman. His vegetables are luscious, his entree’s are sexy and he confesses that he ‘makes love” to his food.  This could all sound ultra cheesy, but somehow this Asian-inspired chef pulls it off.

Angelo is my pick to win, and I do admit it is partly due to his charm that makes everything he creates appear like a passionate romantic kiss — I mean dish. He’s won a bevy of challenges, showing he’s worthy of his sexy chef ways.

This half Dominican and half Italian, passion fruit drinking,  simplicity-seeking chef is a fusion of cultures in the modern kitchen — and I want to eat in it. As he says, “The soul of his cuisine is ancient but reincarnated as an adventure that is young and daring.”

Follow Angelo on Twitter.


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