Grandma’s Can be on The Web Too

Grandma Erna

I found this picture that my grandma Erna painted. There’s something about it that I like, the feel I think. Plus it was from my grandmother, who had to flee Germany in the early forties to come here with 3 kids, one suitcase, and the story goes she also just had 4 dollars when she arrived here.

If Only We Could Know What They Know

Recently I’ve noticed how grandmotherly or grandfatherly people get ignored, dismissed as if they are no longer real human beings anymore. the sad part of this is that these so called older people know things we need to know, plus they want to tell their stories. We should be listening.

Grandma On The Web

So this painting is for my grandma Erna, who would love all the information she could find online to fill her once-a-lawyer thinking brain and artistically inclined mind.


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