Brain Fitness Even A Blond Can Do

Grow New Brain Cells

New studies show that exercise improves memory, especially aerobic exercise, also known in the Round world as Sweaty Roundercises. It turns out that people should treat their brain like they do their heart. In other words, get your blood circulating so that you can give your brain the oxygen it needs to promote healthy brain cells — even if your head is covered with blond hair.

Scientists are pleased to find out that by exercising and getting your brain fed with fresh air, that you can actually create what they are calling baby brain cells. This is news to the scientific world, for it was previously thought that we had all the brain cells we were allowed for a lifetime. But hallelujah — as little as 3 days of brisk walking a week can grow you some new baby brain cells and a lot of preserved thoughts and thinking skills.

Brain Fitness Inspirations

You can also inspire your brain to stay in shape by using your mind in new and different ways, like doing puzzles, learning a language, or even walking backwards. Experiment with some new brainercises and see for yourself — if you can remember to do so.

Check out Roundercises and RoundTV. If you want to know more about the brain, check out that happens to be the brainchild of a family friend and one of the foremost authorities on brains.

So get yourself out in the world and exercise your brain and your heart at the same time, or you can think of it as gaining brain cells while losing pounds. It is a win win for your body and your mind!


2 responses to “Brain Fitness Even A Blond Can Do

  1. Thanks Diana,

    I’m sure we’ll get many hits that link!
    Question: is it just my imagination that the hairdresser looks like Cat and the blond-getting-smarter like you?

    Love to you and the folks,


    • Hi Doug,

      I never thought about the hairdresser being Cat and the blond being me, but you may have a point there.

      Hope you will be visiting the hills soon!


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