Change is Good – I know!

I’ve never been one to remain stagnant, which may explain why I love change so much– even when it takes a lot of energy that I may not be in the mood to give. Change opens my world to new possibilities, it may mean an adventure and a chance to be fascinated. It is freedom.

Did I say it was easy – No. Is it always fun – No. But it is a healthy way to look at change in your life — and by seeing change as a good thing it will help you through the pain of it so you can enjoy the reward of it.

I’ve been there, I am there now — which puts me in a liminal state where I am in transition, not where I was, not yet where I’m going. Its like the bride who is not married, but not single. There is a power to it – like Midnight when it is not yesterday, but not tomorrow.

If you are going through changes right now, lucky for you. You have the chance to add something new in your life that can make it better – even if it does not seem that way at the moment. Picture a positive outcome, insist upon it and do not allow negative thoughts inside your brain. This is something I relentlessly did while going through cancer treatment almost 14 years ago, and it was a big part of how I saved my life — and that is another story.

That is my sharing for the day.


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