Round out Your Life with Reality

Live Rounder with Reality Television

I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up without television or if I love seeing people morph into stardom, or lose mega pounds while gaining confidence, or watching a love story unfold — but this much I know is true – I love American idol, The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor — and they are all starting now!

Before we get started, no guilt if you also enjoy these life changing shows! Your life should be full and variety-filled — just the way you want it to be, not how your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers or strangers ranting on the internet want it to be!!!

American Idol

Tonight starts a new season and what and who it will bring is a mystery. If this season is like last year then we can be sure to find a star like Adam Lambert, well maybe not, there is only one of him. As far as the biggest American Idol elephant in the room — that will be Paula’s empty chair. Not to worry, Ellen DeGeneres is slated to fill her seat and pick up the wacky Paula slack by adding her own comedic flair.

As the season progresses, I will post my top 12 picks and as soon as I get a feel for my favorite I shall name him or her too. I admit that I tend to pick the number two contestant, like Clay Akin (yes I admit that too) and Adam Lambert. So I apoligize ahead of time to whoever I pick for not becoming number one!

The Biggest Loser

This season of the Biggest Loser is already off to a big weighty bang! The contestants get bigger and bigger each season, and the abundant poundage dropped per week continues to astound us. Bob and Jillian raise the stakes every season, knowing that they can coach larger and larger contestants into shedding a colossal number of pounds. As the weight falls off these rotund people, they morph as much on the inside as the outside. It is amazing to watch!

As with American Idol, I will pick my winners, although one never knows what will happen and it is almost a better idea just to watch and root for everyone.

The Bachelor

Like last season of The Bachelorette, we know the Bachelor from the previous season — Jake Pavelka the pilot. He is the perfect guy and if I was many years younger I would be knocking on his airplane door. Most of all, The Bachelor is a fairy tale, a love story, and we get to watch it unfold and scream at the TV when Jake does not notice which girls are there for the wrong reasons. When a girl says “I will do anything for a rose,” instead of “I really like Jake”, well that means deceit and trouble are brewing for this handsome trusting good guy bachelor.

Spoiler Alert: Those who watched last night found out that Rozlyn Papa was a girl more interested in the rose than Jake. Her “inappropriate relationship” with one of the show’s producers got her booted off, even though Jake had already given her an early rose.

My early favorites for the top two girls that Jake seems to like are Ali and Tenley. I’m not a fan of Elizabeth who is playing games with Jake, although he does not yet realize it.

News Alert: Bachelor and Bachelorette All-Star Show Coming to ABC

Check out the latest news on this new Bachelor and Bachelorette All-Star Show.

Stay tuned!!!!


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