Healthy Snack Ideas Video

Another Day, Another Video!

These are a few of my favorite snack ideas, and the first of several snack videos to come.

Check out the Healthy Snack Idea Video!


Video chat with me and my daughter on BlogTV —sometime in the next few days. We will announce the time on Twitter and YouTube! So stay tuned!

What’s Coming?

I have received numerous ideas for videos, and I thank you all for them. Here are a few of the videos you can look forward to on the Roundlady YouTube Channel:

  • Avocados and how to eat them
  • At home abs workout and the truth about spot reducing
  • Eat this, not that (based on Round food)
  • Build up confidence and self esteem
  • All about portions and clever ways to measure your food
  • Healthy snacks on the go for Round Dieters
  • The Round Diet – Getting Started (The first of a series of Round Diet videos)
  • How often to workout and what makes a well-Rounded workout
  • Why a diet diary works and what should go in it

Send me your ideas!

My videos are all about helping you, so please send me your suggestions.

Bye for now!


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