What Kind of Dieter Are You?

Need-it-now Dieter: Your cravings control your diet. Avoid and remove temptations to minimize any impulsive gorging, and consider finding a diet buddy you can reach quickly.

Multi-tasking Dieter: You can down a bag of chips without even realizing it. Avoid eating when engaging in any another activity, control your portions, savor each bite and chew slowly.

Eat-to-feel-better Dieter: You eat when you feel bad, sad, glad or mad. Focus on your Diet Diary to help you understand your emotional over-eating patterns. Find a diet buddy you can call when anxious feelings threaten to send you to food for comfort.

Stick-to-it Dieter: You are self-motivated and find dieting an easy task. Follow the Round Diet directions and rejoice along the way.

Happy-go-lucky Dieter: You love yourself and enjoy eating no matter where you are. You can dine out, attend parties and celebrations–all while keeping to your dieting agenda. You might consider helping others by being their dieting buddy.


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