Which Body Shape Are You?

Shaped like an Apple

You have broad shoulders and narrow hips, your bust is larger than your hips, you carry most of your weight around your midsection, your chest and bust are large for your frame, and you likely have slim legs, hips, and butt.

To reshape your body and look as curvy as possible, you will want to tighten your core, and add some shape to your butt and thighs.

Try exercises like Pilates, lunges, stair climbing, hiking, interval training, skating, and rebounding.

Celebrities with an apple shape

Tyra Banks, Elizabeth Hurley and Winona Ryder

Shaped like a Pear

You’re a bit wider on the bottom than you are on top, your hips are larger than your bust, you carry most of your weight on your hips, thighs, and butt, your neck and shoulders are slender, and you likely have a flat tummy.

To reshape your body and look as fit as possible, you will want to tone your arms and shoulders, and generally workout to get tighter all over.

Try exercises like circuit training, strength training with light weights, yoga, pushups and brisk walking.

Celebrities with a pear shape

Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kelly Clarkson

Shaped like a Stick

You’re body is stick straight with very few curves, your upper body is proportionate to your lower body, you have an athletic body and toned arms, and you most likely have great legs.

To reshape your body and look as healthy as possible, you will want to add more shape to your waist and sculpt your glutes (also known as the butt).

Try exercises like crunches, Pilates, weight training to add lean muscle mass to your butt, and upper and middle back exercises for a stronger looking frame.
Celebrities with a banana shape

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Demi Moore, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, and Keira Knightley

Shaped like an Hour Glass

Your bust and hips are almost the same measurement — but are larger compared to your waist, and your body looks proportionately curvy.

To get your body looking as good as an hourglass body can look, you will want to add full-body muscle tone and shape up your arms and legs.

Try exercises like overall body toning with weights, interval training, calisthenics, and pay extra attention to toning your extremities (arms and legs).

Celebrities with an hour glass shape

Jessica Simpson, Kate Winslet, Marilyn Monroe, and Salma Hayek


One response to “Which Body Shape Are You?

  1. I love my hourglass shape.
    -arianna 🙂

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