Unflappable Arms and a Tight Tummy

One Arm Dumbbell Curls for Unflappable Arms

One Arm Dumbell CurlsYou will need: 5 to 10 pound dumbbells, cans of food, sacks of sugar or rice, or go to a gym.

  1. Sit down with your feet firmly planted on the ground — your back straight.
  2. Hold one dumbbell in your left hand — your palm facing up.
  3. Bend your arm into a right angle.
  4. Rest your elbow against your waist. You are now ready to curl.
  5. Inhale, keeping your palm facing up, and raise the dumbbell towards your shoulder.
  6. Exhale as you slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position
  7. Repeat 12 times and work up to a set of 20 repetitions.

Belly Crunches for a tight tummy

You will need: A flat place to lie down — anywhere!

  1. Lie on your back and push the small of your back into the floor or surface.
  2. Place your hands behind your head — stretch your elbows back.
  3. Raise your legs and cross them in the middle. You are now ready to crunch.
  4. Inhale as you lift your upper body to the sky or ceiling.
  5. Exhale from the bottom of your belly as you slowly lower your head to the floor or surface.
  6. Repeat until you cannot repeat it anymore.
  7. Rest for no more than 30 seconds.
  8. Do it all over again for three more sets.

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