Day 28 – Last Day of The Round 28-Day Diet


You made it to day 28 of the Round Holiday Diet!

Your new view of food

The Round diet is all about changing your view of food and your relationship to it and eating as Round and nutritiously as possible in a world of confusing and enticing food choices! By now, after 28-days, you likely learned that you can eat healthily without being a fanatic about calories, food labels, glycemic index, sugar content, breakdown of good and bad fats, cholesterol or sodium. Eating healthy is super easy and all you need to know is the difference between a circle and a square.

Eating Round is more than a Diet

Round eating means eating Round food most of the time. Round dieting means eating Round food most of the time — but less of it. Yes, it’s that simple.

No matter what you call it, Round dieting, Round  eating or a Round lifestyle — it’s all the same.

What makes Round dieting, eating or living the Round lifestyle different is the way you look at life. It’s the way you appreciate Mother Nature and enjoy life. It’s how you make the best use of your time, your attitude and feeling power within yourself so you can handle all that life throws at you.

Round living is about laughing, enjoying the world around you, and honoring the foods that Mother Nature created for us in an easy to see shape, which happens to be Round. This curvy concept should be eaten with at least one dollop of whipped cream, once in a while – for a truly well Rounded life.

The Final Weigh in and jeans trying on

Try on smaller jeans

Yes it is time to get out a pair of your smaller jeans and try them on. Keep in mind that it has only been 28-days, so it would be unrealistic to suddenly fit into jeans that are 1o sizes smaller than what you wore a month ago.

Shrinking a butt takes time, just like it does to grow one.  It’s about taking one step at a time and appreciating every healthy move you make along the way. It’s taking baby steps and tapping into the perseverance you hold deep within  you.

Measure & Weigh Yourself

Compare your measurements and weight with what you were at the beginning of this Round adventure. Note that when you become more active and workout, especially when you add strength training to your routine, that you may see more inches lost than pounds. But that’ just means your body is more solid with more fat-burning muscle and less fat .

What Kind of Dieter are you?

You likely know a lot more about your dieting and eating habits than you did 28-days ago. See if you can figure out what kind of dieter you are so you can continue on your journey to become and stay fit and slim in your smaller jeans.

Need-it-now Dieter

Your cravings control your diet. Avoid and remove temptations to minimize any impulsive gorging, and consider finding a diet buddy you can reach quickly.

Multi-tasking Dieter

You can down a bag of chips without even realizing it. Avoid eating when engaging in any another activity, control your portions, savor each bite and chew slowly.

Eat-to-feel-better Dieter

You eat when you feel bad, sad, glad or mad. Focus on your Diet Diary to help you understand your emotional over-eating patterns. Find a diet buddy you can call when anxious feelings threaten to send you to food for comfort.

Stick-to-it Dieter

You are self-motivated and find dieting an easy task. Follow the Round Diet directions and rejoice along the way.

Happy-go-lucky Dieter

You love yourself and enjoy eating no matter where you are. You can dine out, attend parties and celebrations–all while keeping to your dieting agenda. You might consider helping others by being their dieting buddy.

28-days and what it all means

I get confused, and yes, I can tell.  I’ve heard experts say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and I’ve also heard that it may actually take 28 days, and to top it off, I heard it takes 66 days to make the habit automatic.

In 1960, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell Maltz noticed that amputees took an average of 21 days to adjust to the loss of a limb and he proposed that it takes people an average of 21 days to adjust to any new change.

A new research recently published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, details the findings of a study done with 96 people who were interested in forming a new habit each day such as eating a piece of fruit with lunch or doing a 15 minute run each day. Each participant was asked to rate how automatic the activity felt each day and that ranged from “hard not to do” and “done without thinking.” On average, the participants reached a plateau where the habit was automatic after 66 days.

In a Nutshell, after doing a lot of math, which is not a favorite past-time, the overall recommendation is to stick with Round eating to really instill these new Round eating habits for a minimum of  2 months. This will make sure, 100 percent, that your new healthy habits deeply impress, like tire tracks, upon your mind.

What’s coming in the Round Eating World

This is the last day of the 28-day Round holiday Diet, but that does not mean this is the last day of this Round Eating blog. You can expect more information of a Round nature, along with an assortment of Round ideas to help you live a Rounder life. What all that entails is a mystery, and that is a good thing.

Round Eating YouTube Channel Coming!

Following in the footsteps of my daughter I will be starting a Round YouTube channel so I can show you how to shop for, prepare, cook, plate and eat Round food. This will be a whole new Round world for me and I hope it serves to inspire others to eat and live healthier and Rounder.

Shrinking Obesity in Kids

Our future world is in the hands of the kids of today, and those kids are getting fatter and fatter — unhealthier and unhealthier. Obesity is now the biggest health issue in the nation, and that is a serious problem. You don’t need me to tell you all the side affects of obesity, like diabetes and heart disease — a shortened life.

Kids today are so confused that they do not know what is real food and what is not. Until kids are shown, often by our adult example, that an orange is healthier than a bag of French fries, they will keep getting fatter! As things stand today, kids are inundated with sugary, salty and fatty foods that taste good like a cigarette tastes good to a smoker. We don’t want kids addicted to smoking, and we don’t kids addicted to unhealthy, fatty, sugary or salty foods. We need to nip childhood obesity in the bud or butt — Now.

Kids trust adults to lead them in a safe and healthy direction so they can grow up and be big strong people. But, the big has turned to fat, and the strong has turned to weak. It’s time that kids are taught to eat healthy from the get-go. It’s not right or fair and there is no time to waste.

A New Round Children’s book

This Spring you can expect to see a Round eating book for very young kids. It will be simple and Round, so it can roll off the shelves and help kids change their view of view food. Stay tuned!

Good luck everyone and thank you for joining The Round 28-Day Diet!

Remember that you can keep dieting Round by eating smaller portions to get a smaller butt, or just eat Rounder so you remain healthier, happier and can rejoice with a smaller butt that always fits into smaller jeans for the summer and thereafter.

Contact Diana

Have a comment, question or need advice? Want to be a part of the new Round Dieter gallery?

Go ahead and make a comment  below or email me at

I will get back to you right away.


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  1. thanks so much for all of this!
    I’m excited and cant wait for the youtube channel!!

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