Day 27 – The Round 28-Day Diet

Feel Satisfied and Less Insanely Hungry

Now that you are eating two to three hours apart, you should no longer feel insanely hungry. You are now feeling the joy of keeping your body continuously fed and satisfied. This is a Round habit worth carrying with you for the rest of your life.

Remember Your Ultimate Goal

Although your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, remember that your ultimate goal is to keep the weight off and instill a new way of seeing and eating food. Enjoy the journey as you change your relationship with food to one that serves your interest to be strong, lean, fit and happy. Then take a moment to picture your smaller butt in your goal jeans as you rejoice.

Like the fisherman who teaches you how to fish so you can eat for the rest of your life, the Round Diet teaches you how to see food differently so you can be fit and healthy for the rest of your long life. You can now take your new Round view of food and apply it to losing more weight or maintaining it. Stay tuned on that…

Enjoy Each Bite

You are likely noticing that you are eating less food, which may enhance the urge to wolf meals down in seconds. That means it’s time to slow down your eating and take at least 20 minutes to eat so that your brain has time to tell your body that you ate and are nutritionally satisfied.

Trick Your Body

At some point your body will wonder why it is not getting the abundance of food it has grown accustomed to, and might even try to entice you with a favorite unRound food. To stay in charge, confuse your body like I did as as a bodybuilder by going off your diet for one meal during the week. Should you decide to enjoy this offer, know that this meal cannot be bigger than your fist, cannot come out of a box, or be fast or fried food. In addition you must avoid butter, lard, anything white and creamy, and all sugary baked goods.

Morning Coffee or Morning Dessert

The taste of coffee gets lost in all those extra flavors and syrups that add up to extra calories — which adds up to more pounds on your body. For instance, a Frappuccino can add up to 680 calories and a pumpkin spice latte has 410 calories in it.

Sugary Coffee Drink or Smaller Butt

You get to ask yourself a question. Do you want to start your day in a sugary daze, move into a sugar low slump that makes you crazy hungry? Or, do you want to start your day with a healthy cup of fairly plain coffee or a cup of tea so that you remain calm and energetic for your busy day? Which will lead you to your goal?

Sugary daze or energetic calm? Your choice!

Ways to enjoy a Rounder cup of Coffee or Tea

  • Brew your own coffee at home, so that you can be in control of what goes in it. You’ll save time, money, and a paper cup, plus you’ll have a better chance of shaving inches off your butt.
  • Add vanilla or almond extract to your coffee while it’s brewing or just a few drops in your cup of coffee for a delicious fat-free flavor.
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee grinds before brewing to infuse calorie-free flavor into your cup of java.
  • Learn to enjoy your coffee black, or with a bit of skim milk instead of cream.
  • If you must add something sweet, add a drip of honey.
  • Make coffee the night before and drink it chilled over ice on a hot day.
  • If you do go to a coffee shop, avoid flavored lattes. If must order one — like for a special occasion — make sure you specify just one or two pumps, hold the whipped cream and if you order a latte or cappuccino, ask for skim milk.
  • Switch from coffee to tea. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee, is packed with antioxidants, making it a healthy way to get your morning caffeine.
  • Drink only one cup of coffee a day!

As beautiful as she Eats

Padma Lakshmi, model and Top Chef host, is as beautiful as she eats! These are a few of her favorite snacks that also happen to be very Round!

  • Dried Round Fruit: A handful of raisins, cranberries, or sour cherries that she can take with her wherever she goes.
  • Super Round Whole Fruit: One orange or grapefruit sliced into thick rings, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • Sliced Round Food: Cucumber spears dusted with salt and chili powder and a bit of lime juice.
  • Sliced and Animal Round Food: A dollop of guacamole rolled in a thin slice of turkey.
  • Super and Extra Round Food: A handful of pan-dry-roasted hot almonds, sprinkled with dill weed and fleur de sel.
  • Super Round Food: Boiled peanuts with a tomato-and-coriander salad, which can be served in lettuce cups.
  • Animal and Extra Round Food: Deviled eggs, with half the yolks removed, the remaining folded with nonfat yogurt and seasoned, then stuffed back into the whites.
  • Sliced, Animal and Super Round Food: Jalapeño chili rellenos made with egg whites and mushrooms and sprinkled with feta, then oven-browned.
  • Super Round Food: Edamame beans, which can be bought frozen, then warmed on the stove or in the microwave.
  • Animal, Sliced and Super Round Food: Cold poached shrimp tossed in a puree of mint, green chili, green apple, and salt.
  • Sliced and Extra Round Food: A savory smoothie made with cucumber, yogurt, salt, and mint leaves — based on an Afghani drink.
  • Super Round Food: Hummus on endive leaves with diced tomato and fresh parsley.
  • Super Round Food: Baked figs with balsamic vinegar and crushed black pepper.

Roundercise Your Face

The muscles in your face are no different than the ones in your arms and legs. If you don’t use them you will lose them! And we don’t want to lose face.

Try these two facial Roundercises to revitalize your face.

Relaxing Facial Roundercise

Flex your facial muscles by first contorting them, then completely releasing them. You will feel your facial muscles completely relax, which will help encourage the flow of clean oxygenated blood while increasing facial muscular strength — resulting in uplifted muscles and skin.

Cheek Pinching Roundercise

Pinch the apples of your cheeks just like grandma used to do. Use your thumbs and index fingers to grab small chunks of cheek and gently squeeze. Pinch all over your cheeks until each fleshy section is fully pinched and the apples of your cheeks are slightly flushed.

Tonight’s Homework

Now that there is just one days left, let’s take a look at you in the future, say a few food things about you, and take a close look at what your diary is telling you.

Visualize yourself in the future

How do you look? How do you feel? Are you remembering your new view of food? Write it down your answers in your diary.

Cleanse and Affirm

In the shower or in a bubble bath tonight or tomorrow morning, say affirmations to yourself — out loud. make this a positive sensory activity by using scented soap, like relaxing lavender, as well adding the light of at least 3 candles and the natural beauty of at least 1 beautiful flower like a rose or tulip.

Analyze Your Diary

After you write in your diary tonight, go back to day one and skim through it to see if you notice any patterns. After 28-days, you should see something like when you overeat and what preceded the feeling of “I need food. See what worked and what did not. What exercises did you start out with and what are you doing now? ” or “I don’t care if this cake is not on the diet, get out of my way I’m eating it!”

What else pops out? It’s all about you — for you — and your smaller butt!


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