Day 23 – The Round 28-Day Diet

NEW_EATING_HABITSIt’s all about new habits

You are on the home stretch to instill new Round eating and exercising habits, also known as a Round lifestyle. You know what to eat and that you need to make exercise part of your life, so that you change your body into one that is healthy, shapely and strong. You want that smaller butt and you are going to have it. If you have more Rounding down to do, feel free to continue on this diet for as long as you need to. And keep in mind that that your real goal is to be healthy and look great in smaller jeans. You can have it all!

FATCELL_DIET_PILLScolor_cautionIf you do not keep health in mind and take diet pills or any other silly methods to get in shape, know that your success will be fleeting. It’s essential that you see this as a lifestyle, a new way to see food and that your health on the inside is as important as your health on the outside.

What to Expect About Now


BEFORE_MEETS_AFTERtront_purpleapplebigger1Your body is shrinking into a new size and curvy new shape as you combine eating Round with a regular Roundercising plan that works for you. As you start eating Round, exercising and visualizing your lean and fit body to make your jeans fit looser, your butt smaller, you will be free to rejoice.

tront_purpleapplebigger1You are enjoying writing in your Diet Diary and notice that your cravings rear their ugly heads at certain times, like at the end of the day when you are tired and television commercials with dripping hamburgers call your name.

tront_purpleapplebigger1You remember why you are dieting and eating healthy and recall that your life on this Round earth is a blessing and that you are in charge. You rejoice at your humanness, and are thankful for being alive and you let the rest of your life unfold into as much goodness as you can stand.

tront_purpleapplebigger1You know the day is coming in your future where you can say goodbye to your fat jeans and hello to your fit jeans — and wear smaller jeans for the holidays and thereafter.

If you want it you can have it!

MONA_MOST_OF_THE_TIME_LEFTIf you want to just eat healthy rather than lose pounds, you can eat the same foods as on the Round Holiday Diet, but increase your portions. If you choose this route, keep in mind that most of time you will be eating foods that either naturally grow Round, on a tree, vine or in the ground, or can be sliced into circles from their natural Round shape, like a banana or cucumber. This is how you will also maintain your new body once you can slip into your smaller jeans that fit you perfectly.

It’s so simple it’s smart!

01_fancy_appletomatosbigger2The basic concept behind the Round Diet is so simple a kindergartner could follow it. If a food did not grow in a Round shape, on a tree, vine or in the ground, likely it is not something healthy and you should not eat it.Here’s an example of a snack that you can eat as a morning or afternoon snack. By keeping your body nutriented every 2 to 3 hours, you will keep you mind from wanting to devour everything in sight like a wild animal.


FATCELL_MORE_FATCookies, donuts & pizza

Next time you have a hankering for a cookie, pizza or a doughnut and you wonder if it is a healthy kind of Round food that you can eat on any Round Diet, ask yourself this question:

“Have I have ever seen a cookie, pizza or a doughnut tree, vine or bulb?”

If the answer is NO, it also means the answer is NO  to eating it too. Of course, if you ever do see doughnuts, cookies or pizza growing on a tree, vine or bulb — bon appetit.

That said, eating Round is also all about what you eat most of the time. Cookies, doughnuts, and pizza are all on the diet some of the time. Odds are that your flavor palette will become more natural after eating Round for 28-day, which means that you are likely not to have cravings for these Shaped and Special Round foods.

Recap on Shaped and Special Round Foods

Shaped Round Food

Foods can be shaped (molded) in a Round or circular way. Eat these some of the time, such as an evening out, a Sunday family dinner or when you have a craving for a Shaped food that you have not eaten for a while.

CCOW_EXAMPLENEWorn and whole wheat flour tortillas, whole wheat bagels, pita bread, whole grain crackers, hamburgers, meatballs, rolls, matzo balls, and rice balls (rice scooped into a ball using an ice-cream scooper or a melon baller), and high fat donuts that can be eaten on a blue moon, which occurs on average about once every 2 1/2 years.

Special Round food

Special Round foods are combinations of Round foods that are meant to be eaten on special occasions, such as holidays, parties, and other celebratory events. These foods taste more delicious when eaten once in a long while and in small amounts.

COW_EXAMPLENEWPancakes, pizza, cookies, cakes, crepes, wraps, tarts, fruit pies, pot pies, souffles, quiches, muffins, deviled eggs (part Super, Animal, and Shaped Round–making this party favorite a Super Special Appetizer.

A Round recipe from Obama’s White House chef Sam Kass, the keeper of the Obama garden

OBAMA_SOUPBeef and Barley Soup with Spring Vegetables


4 cups diced beef (stew meat)
2 cups chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped garlic
1/2 cups sliced green garlic
1 heaping teaspoon tomato paste
2 cups red wine
2 cups hulled barley
6 cups beef or chicken stock
Sachet (1 bay leaf, 2 sprigs thyme, 1 tablespoon peppercorns, 2 sprigs parsley stems)
Salt and pepper


Sear meat on high heat; remove the meat from pan when barely cooked. Lower the heat and add the onions, garlic and green garlic. Saute until light brown, scraping the bottom of the pan every time you stir.

Incorporate the tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes.  Add red wine and reduce by three quarters. Add the stock, meat, sachet and barley and lightly simmer until barley and meat are tender. Season with salt and pepper and serve.

Take a Breather



Breathing Fresh Air in a Triangle by the Sea

Breathe Break

It’s a tool, it’s free and so is the air you’ll breathe. It’s a Breathe Break with transformational guru, Jan (Hutch) Hutchins.

You’ll uplift how you feel right away without having to leave the comfort of wherever life is stressing you, like your office, living room or any other place you need to relax while out in the world.

Take a Breathe Break here and see for yourself — and then come back.

Back in my Bodybuilding Days


Diana before a show in 1984

Every so often I reminisce about my bodybuilding days. I used to train so much that people at my gym thought I was over-training. What they didn’t know was that I was over-training at more than one gym. I thought that if I did just a little bit more than anybody else that I would win. If I ate weirder foods than everybody else, like boiled squid, I’d win – and I did.

I recall my decision to quit the sport. I was on stage posing down with the heavyweight at the 1984 Western America. She was big and muscular with ropey veins. She won her weight class and so did I. We posed down and it was a tie. This was at a time when the bodybuilding world was trying to decided which way to go – with a more muscular look or keep the femininity. By one point muscularity won.

But that’s not why I quit. I was struck by two things that day. Earlier that morning when I was posing in front of the judges I noticed one of them eating ice cream and not paying attention to me. I’d dieted for 2 months and worked out like a crazy person – I wanted their full attention for those few minutes. Then that night during the show when the heavyweight was declared the overall winner, I was shoved aside and told to get out of the way while everyone took photos of the winner. As number 2, I was not important.

Bodybuilding suddenly lost it’s luster and I was no longer going to practically kill myself to win. I’d already won enough trophies and who really cared? Not me. Not anymore. I left LA the next morning and ate nonstop all the way home to Northern California. When I got home I gathered all my trophies, ripped off the plates and tossed their hulking remains into the garbage.

Create Active Habits

BURNING_FATAll that trophy tossing aside, bodybuilding taught me that having a base of solid muscle makes it easier to stay in shape. All that muscle continues to burn fat even when I’m sleeping. It takes energy to maintain muscle, and all that energy equals the burning of calories. Fat does nothing — no burning of calories — no adding of healthy shapeliness — it just sits there hoping to be fed.

Too much fat is not a good thing! A base of muscle is a good thing. And I don’t mean you need to be a beast or become muscular like some of those crazy looking  bodybuilders still competing in what has become a freaky show. But you do need to become more active and let your body become firmer, your spine straighter and create as much of a fat-burning base while you are young so you can enjoy a lifetime of mobility and health.

Believe me, you will appreciate it now, but you will appreciate even more at my age where I see so many people give in and think getting older means being out of shape is part of the aging process. It is, but not to the extent most people think, so get your butt up and moving as much as you can.


Get Moving

  • Make time for Roundercising by planning ahead and ignoring your own library of excuses.COW_EXCUSES_FRIES
  • Move your body more, such as parking on the far side of parking lots and walking to your destination.
  • Try a variety of Roundercises and give yourself time to learn how to move your body in new ways.
  • Find a work out buddy who can help get you to the gym or go for a walk with you.
  • If you belong to a gym, hire a trainer for a day or more to show you a combination of aerobic and strength training. If you have my book, you can take it in and show them pages 81-84.
  • Consider exercising in the morning to get your day going in the right direction
  • Exercise while watching television, like doing pushups, crunches and lunges — no equipment needed other than your body and the desire for a shapelier and stronger body.

Tonight’s Homework

Help drill the steps into your  head and instill these habits into every cell of your body by saying these outloud:

  • I am prepared
  • I recognize Round foods
  • I choose your Round meals
  • I choose Round recipes
  • I always make a shopping list
  • I shop for Round food in a circle
  • I prepare Round food ahead of time
  • I portion and prettily plate Round food
  • I eat Round food
  • I follow a Balanced Roundercise Routine
  • I visualize my smaller butt and happy self
  • I affirm Yourself
  • I write in Your Diary
  • I stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
  • I take Time to Relax
  • I measure myself
  • I get 8 hours sleep
  • I have a Diet Buddy or I have the inner strength to diet by myself
  • I fit laughter into my day
  • I stand beside the Round Diet No No’s
  • I enjoy my new Round eating and living habits

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