Day 19 – The Round 28-Day Diet

DEAR_DIARYToday is all about your Diet Diary

Keeping your diet diary for 28-days will give you insight into what you eat, when you get hungry, how much exercise you’re getting, who you eat with or don’t eat with, your moods and other things that trigger you, along with chronicling your visualizations. Once the 28-days of new Round eating habits are formed, you won’t need to keep a diet diary unless you want to.

The purpose of this diet is to help you create a new habit of seeing food by its natural Round shape, and keeping a diet diary can make it easier. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could let the shape of food be your guide in the future, so you can live a well-Round lifestyle that keeps your butt smaller for a long long time..

Keeping a Diet Diary

COW_YEPWhen I know I have to write down what I eat, I tend to eat foods I feel good about writing down. I want to be able to feel proud of myself when I look over what I ate.

Recent studies show that people who keep a diet diary are more successful. I know it worked for me back when I tracked my every morsel as a teen vegetarian, where I lost 10 pounds without trying. It also worked for me as a bodybuilder to help me remove fat from my body for competitions.

Your Diet Diary

WRITE_IN_DIET_DIARYTo be the smartest Round Dieter you can be, keep your own diet diary. It’s easy, it will only take minutes, and in the end you will learn insights about your eating patterns.

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when you’re writing in your diary.

  • Start with a small notebook that you can keep with you where ever you go.
  • Write down exactly what you eat and drink. Make note of portion sizes.
  • Jot down when and where you eat.
  • Note who you ate with or if you ate alone.
  • Use smiley or sad faces or other emoticons to show how you feel.
  • Begin journaling the day you start your Round Diet.
  • Include any diet visualization notes and draw any images.
  • Look at your diary often to look for patterns, along with what works and does not work.
  • Use colored pencils, pens and other festive drawing and writing tools that you thought were just for kids.
  • Make note of any excuses are you making and put a star by every excuse to be looked at later.

Having trouble keeping your diary?

Try it for Just a Week

COW_YEPIf the thought of keeping a diet diary seems silly or too hard to do, try it for just a week. Start with just making note daily exactly what you’ve eaten, when, and in what portion size . When you’ve faithfully kept the diary for a week, stop and review. Look for patterns, like excuses and when you make them, and then choose if you want to continue for one more week. You are your own boss!

  • Diet Diary information can help you identify unhealthy eating patterns, such as eating a certain food too often or eating portion sizes that are too large. Yes, portion size does matter. The amount of food that is always safe is about the size of your  fist, and you want to eat smaller portions of a variety of foods.COW_EXCUSES_FRIES
  • Stay patient with yourself when trying to break unhealthy eating habits. If you can make small changes, and keep to them over time, you’ve made a big change in your overall eating habits. And that’s a big step on the road to a smaller butt.

Your Diet Diary can be anything you want

It is your diary, so keep in mind that you know yourself better than anybody else, so make your diary work for you. Here’s an example of a Round Diet Diary form.


Example Round Diet Diary

Aren’t those just a Bunch of Diet Excuses?

COW_EXCUSES_NO_CALORIESWe all have a zillion Excuses why we can’t eat right or exercise enough, and none of these Excuses get us anywhere. So let’s get rid of them and make room for something better.

Do the Diet Excuses Exercise

Get Ready. Set. No Excuses.

EXCUSES2Write down Your Excuses!

This exercises asks you to get a pad and paper, and write down all your Diet Excuses. Find a quest place and make a list of all your Excuses, all the reasons you cannot change your eating habits and make them stick — and all the reasons you think you will fail at your quest to be slimmer healthier and happier.COW_EXCUSES_FATFREINDS

Tear Your Excuses Up!

Once your list is complete, you get to tear it up. But first, take a moment to see how meek these excuses look, and then tear it up strip by strip, and enjoy the power you have over your Excuses. You win!

Summary of what you should be eating and doing

Eat like you are dining at the Round Diet diner!


COW_CAMOKeep eating like you are ordering off the menu at the Round diet diner. The diner menu is at the heart of Round eating, and when you are Rounded down to the size you envision, you can add even more variety to the menu — although your new eating habits will likely cause to your continue with your new eating habits,

Not from this menu, but from the take out version, make sure you order a bubble bath and a belly laugh to keep your heart and your head healthy. And for dessert, order a Roundercise, like walking, running, cycling, treadmilling, or any other Sweaty activity that you enjoy.

Again, you can print a copy of the ROUND_DIET_RESTAURANT (pdf) and put it on your fridge or take it food shopping with you.

Am I hearing more excuses?COW_EXCUSES_DARWIN

Are you hearing your own excuses? Are you thinking about all the reasons you cannot eat right, or why you will fail? I bring this up again, because it is so easy to let excuses fill your head without your waking knowledge.

COW_EXCUSES_BOREDSo let’s get them out of your head and onto paper, so we can see them all in the light of day where they cannot hide behind old stories and fears. it’s true that it may not be a pretty sight, but we want to see them in their natural habitat and watch them try to lure us with bad habit. If we can see them, they lose their power — and that is a good thing!

Now for a recap

  • Stay on the diet, eating from the diet menus.
  • Become aware of your gallery of Excuses.
  • Prepare any food you need to for tomorrow.
  • make baked apples or pears.
  • Pack your snacks.
  • Write in your diary.
  • Visualize your smaller butt.
  • Do the Excuses exercise.
  • Chat with your diet buddy, if you have one.
  • Tell yourself 10 good things about yourself and write them down in your diary.
  • Look at the smaller jeans you want to be able to wear and picture yourself slipping into them — and looking good – know you are one step closer to wearing them.

Tonight’s Homework

  • Make sure you write down your excuses.
  • Cook a a new recipe.
  • Be proud of yourself!
  • Write in your diary.
  • Visualize your smaller butt.

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