Day 17 – The Round 28-Day Diet

Eat Round Wherever you go

COWS_GALORE_ROUNDFOOD_EVERYTWHEREOnce this 28-days are over, even before it’s over, you will be able to navigate the world of eating options and be able to decipher what is a healthy and delicious and Round.

Today’s focus is remembering to choose Round foods no matter where you are, shop for Round foods, and add flavors  by spicing food up in healthy Round ways!

Cook Healthy Meals

GRASS_NEEDSMORE_SEASONINGReduce your chances of falling prey to mindlessing gorging on non-Rounding Down Foods by cooking meals ahead of time. Then Rounding Down foods are at your fingertips, making it easy for you to eat or reheat the healthy meals quickly.

Once of my favorite ways to cook is to buy a whole chicken, several types of cabbages, a dozen eggs, a dozen apples, a big bunch of grapes, a big Rounded box of slow-cooking oatmeal, so I can  simplify the number of different foods I’m eating. That way I can also appreciate the taste of each food. You will discover that a lot of Mother nature’s Round foods need little or no seasoning, chopping, or cooking,

Easy ways to Spice up Simple Foods

SPICE_IT_UP_BABYCook vegetables in broth for a savory flavor.

Add flavor to vegetables by cooking them in other liquids, such as wine, lemon juice, fruit juice, or vinegar.

Choose roasting, poaching or light stir frying for vegetables, meat and fish.

Steam vegetables to retain flavor, color, and nutrients.

Make homemade soup out of leftovers, like chicken, vegetables & beans.

Sprinkle nuts onto salad, scatter nuts over fruit salad, or toss nuts on plain yogurt with blueberries.PUPRLE_COW_LEFT

Add beans to salads, soups or drizzle beans with olive oil, herbs & spices.

Stew fruit on the stove, such as apples, plums and peaches or bake fruits whole in the oven for a homey and tasty treat.

For special occasions, drizzle baked fruit with honey or a favorite liqueur, such as Frangelico (hazelnut flavor) or Grand Marnier (orange flavor).

Lighten it up on special occasions with a white wine spritzer (white wine, sparkling lemon lime seltzer water, and a lime squeeze).

Shopping Round at-a-Glance

These are the kinds of foods you should focus on choosing when you are food shopping.


Menu Ordering At-A-Glance

These are some tips to help you choose healthy, delicious, Round foods when dining out in the world.


Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy foods can be as simple as eating an apple freshly picked from one of Mother Nature’s trees, or it might show off your own creative plating that could rival even an Iron Chef.


A Spilled Glass Shows the Latest in Plating

  • Eat Round foods that you enjoy so that you will feel more satisfied.
  • Eat 3 small Round meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and 3 small Round snacks each day.
  • Space meals, evenly apart, which often turns out to every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Appreciate the beautiful shape of each Rounding Down food.
  • Serve Round meals on small plates or bowls & eat with small utensils.
  • Chew slowly so your brain has 20 minutes to know that you are satiated.
  • Keep Rounding Down snacks near you & any places you frequent. This also includes storing snacks in your disaster kit for any unforeseen emergencies.
  • Decrease your appetite by drinking a glass of water, taking a walk, then downing another glass upon your return.
  • Increase your success by giving in to a craving, once in while, guilt-free.
  • Avoid eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.

color_didyouknow288% of the ENTIRE population are trying to lose or maintain their weight, yet obesity in America among adults has gone up 30% since the late 1970s.

15% of children & adolescents are overfat, leading to more and more childhood diabetics.

Tonight’s Homework

  • Write in your diet diary and then take 30 minutes to read over previous days to see if you can detect a pattern or notice anything else about your moods and emotions.
  • Plan to go to the farmer’s market this weekend, and buy as many kind of greens as possible. You can slice them into strips, steam them. Serve them hot. lightly salted. and pair them with any lean meat or soy burger.
  • Visualize your new shapely body slipping into your smaller jeans. Feel what you will feel like. Who will be there to see you. How does that make you feel? keep those feelings and images in your mind and think about them often throughout the night and day tomorrow.

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