Hold on to your Top Chef Knives

Word is that there is a shocking elimination next week!

According to a source, one of Top Chef‘s four top front-runners—Jennifer Carroll, Kevin Gillespie, Bryan Voltaggio and Mike Voltaggio—let the news slip by saying, “I got kicked off before the end.”

Who could it be?


Bryan Voltaggio

Jennifer Carroll

Jennifer Carroll


Kevin Gillespie


Michael Voltaggio

The chef in question revealed this info a couple of weeks ago during a casual conversation with a new acquaintance in the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles. It could be part of a Bravo misinformation campaign, but my source trusts their source, so I’m passing it along to you.

So who is the chef about to be chopped? It’s a mystery! I cannot believe it’s either of the Voltaggio brothers — please NO, and Kevin who reminds me of a Hobbit — is a genius, so that leaves Jennifer who has been letting the pressure get to her in recent challenges. I don’t want her to go, but I think it must be her…the knives are about to be let out of the bag!

All I can tell you is this one other thing — The chef in question is someone who has several wins under their belt, and looked to be one of the front runners to become the next Top Chef.


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