Round Dieting, Round Eating, Round Lifestyle

MOUSE_BANANASNo matter what you call it, Round dieting, Round  eating or a Round lifestyle — it’s all the same.

What makes Round dieting, eating or living the Round lifestyle different is the way you look at life. It’s the way you appreciate Mother Nature and enjoy life. It’s how you make the best use of your time, your attitude and feeling power within yourself so you can handle all that life throws at you.

Round living is about laughing, enjoying the world around you, and honoring the foods that Mother Nature created for us in an easy to see shape, which happens to be Round. This curvy concept should be eaten with at least one dollop of whipped cream, once in a while – for a truly well Rounded life.

See Your Round Life

ROUND_LIFERound living is not complete without visualizing your future shapely and slim self. No matter what you eat, no matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, visualizing what you want can only head you in the direction of that thing you want. It’s free, it’s easy and has been known to change lives for the better — and that is what life is all about.

As I sit here eating my banana snack plated  on a pretty plate, I imagine these delicious fruity circles making their way to all my cells, nourishing them from the inside out. I feel every cell in my body soaking up all the fresh bananas goodness , and I feel healthy all over for it!

If you have not yet looked at these, check out some Round Diet Visualizations, along with my Visualizing Story:


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