Diana’s Visualizing Story

How Visualizing saved my life

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DIANA_BALDThirteen years ago, before I ate Round most of the time, I was told I had enough cancer in me to kill three elephants. My doctor said I had the worst case of Hodgkin’s disease he had seen in fifty years of practice. The cancer was everywhere–it was time to save my life.

VISUALIZATION_HAND_MONTAGEI had a clear choice. I could either see my cancer as an ordeal or an adventure. I found myself fascinated by the whirlwind of activity swirling around me in the hospital. I decided that this could be the most fascinating adventure of my life.

As scary as chemo felt to me, I couldn’t wait to get started. I was sick and misdiagnosed for so long and now chemo was going to end my pain. Nothing could take away the joy I felt knowing that my growing collection of symptoms was finally going to go away. My first chemo day was like a big party just for me.

VISUALIZATION_CHEMOTEAEI felt numb when the doctor told me, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. The disease is everywhere.” It was the worst news I could hear, but at least I was going all out. It was like winning the lottery with the prize being a disease. I felt kind of special.

My body was on a death bed, but my mind felt energized. I remember the night that put me on the path that saved my life. The nurse assigned to me told me she was one year out from Hodgkin’s herself. She was proof that I could survive.

I will never forget her magic words “Chemo melts Hodgkin’s away.”

VISUALIZATION_CHEMOEATERThose words were the catalyst for my first visualization. The melting image became so clear in my mind. It was powerful. My frame of mind changed in a snap.

I felt as if I’d been hired to do a job, and I put the melting image to work right away with the chemo I already had in my body. I imagined hot yellow chemo syrup drenching my cells.

MAGICWORDSI was helping myself. I felt I was finally in control. I felt safe.

One image led to another. I began gathering medical information on my disease, drilling all the way down until I understood what was happening in my cells and how the chemotherapy would help me get rid of my cancer. I even called upon a cast of characters I created when I was 14 and created my own unique world of positive visualizations.

VISUALIZATION_PURPLEHANDI imagined “Chemo Eaters” devouring chemo-covered cells, “Blorts” dancing with my bone marrow to make blood cells, “Slurpants” escorting cancer cells out of my body, “Phuntfish” gobbling up leftover chemo-covered debris, and “Phunts” standing guard over my good cells to protect them from, radiation.

I poured my energy into recreating this positive healing virtual world on the Web, reaching out to others at the most isolating time in my life. I shared my progress in a blow-by-blow account of my cancer experience. These illustrated visualizations took on a life of their own. Thousands of people from around the world responded, cheering for me and telling me I had helped them think better about their cancer.

Once my body was doused with chemo, I moved on to radiation. I did not get upset when my chest got burned and treatment was delayed a week, or when abdominal radiation made me feel so nauseated that I had to medicate myself into a zombie-like state. But when my platelets plummeted out of control during pelvic radiation and my treatment was delayed indefinitely, I lost hope.

I was mad at my platelets! I knew I had to visualize!

VIEW_SLURPANTS_PLATELETSAfter several dozen disappointing blood tests and delayed treatment, during a last ditch effort, one of my characters, a Slurpant, came to my rescue. I closed my eyes as I watched the Slurpant pull platelets through my bone marrow, creating a current that loosened the platelets off the mother cell. It was easy to do, and I knew it was working. My very next blood test showed an increase in platelets! Never have I been so proud of my blood.


When it came to my last day of radiation, I wanted to make it memorable – so I roller skated into treatment. When I rolled into the radiation room, there were balloons streaming up the back of the machine. Everyone in the radiation unit congratulated me as if I was a celebrity. I skated away a survivor.

And now that I look back, I know my mind played a big part in saving my life!

The Highest Form of Prayer

When I had cancer, I not know much about visualizations. With my life on the line, I believe that I intuitively tapped into the power of visualizations as a survival mechanism – after all our body and mind’s prime directive is to save our life. It makes sense that this power would reveal itself to me at a time when I had an urgent need to survive.

Soon after coming back from Texas, I went to a seminar my sister used imagery when she had cancer, but other than that I was clueless. I had no idea there was a science behind the art of visualizations.

diana2My first year as a survivor, I spoke to anyone and everyone about how I survived my cancer.  I recall one speaking engagement in Texas, where one of the other speakers, a Pasteur who spoke about the power of prayer and healing, told me that my visualizations were the highest form of prayer. I was surprised to hear that since I did not consider myself to be a religious person. He went on to tell me that a prayer is asking for something you want and that my in my visualizations I had asked for my life.

That is why I suggest doing Round Diet visualizations — I know the power they hold and the power they give back to the person with the vision!  That can be you!

LEARNWhat are Round Diet Visualizations? | Visualize Your Slim and Fit Self | Create Your Own Visualizations | Printable Affirmations | What are Round Diet Visualizations? | Shrink your fat Cells | Visualize Being Less Round


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