Chef of the Moment

Chef Graham Kerr


Chef Graham V. Kerr is a charming, internationally known culinary and television personality, award-winning author, and master of metaphorical speaking. His focus is on serving people who want to make healthy, creative, lifestyle changes and believes that the only lasting changes are the ones that we enjoy. His life goal is “to help to convert habits that harm into resources that heal.”

I recall watching graham on the Galloping Gourmet, where he made less healthy recipes that he happily shared with his family and television viewers until his wife became ill and could no longer indulge in high fat, less Round dishes that Graham so lavishly prepared. This motivated Graham to transform his recipes and food point of view into healthy ones, leading him to his new purpose in life — all of which he continues to share with the world and his healthier wife.

Graham’s recipes are so healthy that you can eat them on the Round Diet. He is a master at infusing flavors into healthy foods, so if you are on the Round Diet or not, his recipes are perfect for anyone to eat if they want to eat healthier — all while enjoying the food that enters their mouth.

Graham  gives this advice when making old family favorite recipes healthier, or in Round words – make them Rounder!

“When converting old recipes to new healthier versions, look to see where the fat is coming from and then cut the fat in half (at least). After you’ve cut the fat in half, keep working with the recipe to use the least amount of fat possible. However, be sure to replace the missing fat with herbs, spices and creativity! When baking, you will need to replace liquid oil with fruit juice and other fats with pureed fruit such as applesauce, bananas or prunes (they work very well in chocolate recipes). ”

Recipes From Chef Graham Kerr

Here are a few recipes from the healthy food prparing chef.

Want more recipes from Graham Kerr?

Check out the Graham Kerr Website.


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