Grapes on a Lake

BLOG_GRAPES_ON_LAKESnacking on grapes every which way

There are so many ways to snack on grapes and so many places to eat them. You can eat grapes right off the vine, one grape at a time, in a salad, frozen grape treats on a hot day, sliced red and green grapes plated in a spiral design, on a tooth pick you serve at a party, as a game where you toss a grape in the air and catch it in your mouth (not recommended due to choking hazards), as jelly on whole grain toast, as grapeseed oil  in a salad dressing, in a bottle of wine or champagne — all of which could lead to someone feeding you grapes, one at a time, by hand, while somebody massages your feet with avocado and coconut oil.

BLOG_LITTLE_LADIES_borderRECOMENDATIONIf you just take away one thing from the Round Diet: Become very aware of the natural shape of the food you eat. If it is Round, ask yourself if it grew on a tree, vine or in the ground. If not, question it’s origin and consider not eating it. That one concept will change your life!

Snacking it up wherever you go…keeping your body consistently fed so you don’t get crazy hungry

A_SNACK-APPLESMother Nature designed 2 of my favorite snacks, grapes and apples, in ready-made, portable outer coatings — all so you can take these delicious morsels with you to eat where ever you go during the day. Eat grapes and apples at home, or grab some apples, toss them into your purse, backpack, briefcase or pocket (beware of squishability). Pack a handful of grapes in a baggie or container and take them with you in a car, keep them in the office, take some on a shopping trip, to a party or movie, on a lake, on a plane, on a train, in a waiting room, or anywhere you go between meals.

Imagine there were no grapes

If grapes did not exist and a popular company like Nabisco invented grapes and sold them for the first time, people would think they were the best thing they ever ate and would buy them by the truckloads. The fact that grapes are so readily available and have been around since near the dawn of time, many people take them for granted and forget just how delicious and easy to eat they are. It is time to look at food with a Round eye and remember that Mother nature already designed the perfect food for us to eat, that is if we choose to LOOK!

Beside grapes and apples, the same goes for many other Round fruits, like blueberries, guava’s, apples, melons and so many many more. As the world stands today, there is not a company under our Round sun that could manufacture something as delicious, good for you as one of Mother Nature’s Round foods — like the perfect grape, blueberry, apple — the  list goes on!

color_TipsGrapes make the perfect snack! Feed them to your kids instead of all those unRound foods that come from square boxes that you find in the middle of the grocery store.

Eating Round for a Less Round America

Let’s stop the obesity stat that keep climbing higher and higher with the latest being that a third of Americans are over weight and a third of Americans are obese. Tempations are everywhere! We as a nation spend less time walking and more time eating. Our top weight-related diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and hypertension are caused by people’s addiction to salt, fat and sugar that comes in a variety forms, none of them naturally Round.




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