Potato Circles

cooking_potato_circlesDuring my bodybuilding days I relied on these potato circles as my one indulgence that really wasn’t all that indulgent — it just feels that way.

I ate potato circles hot or cold. When hot they taste a lot like French fries. When cold they are a bit less sexy but you are bound to enjoy the simple taste of these potatoes no matter what temperature.

You can eat these any time of day. Add them to eggs in the morning, snack on them during the day, or pair them with a protein and side dish for dinner. You are the boss…you get to choose.


1 medium red potato
1 medium yellow potato
1 medium sweet potato
Optional (add a sprinkle of any spice)
Dash of salt
Sprinkle of any spice
1 teaspoon of catsup


Wash potatoes and slice into thin circles, place on a lightly oiled baking sheet and broil each side for 5 minutes or until toasty brown. Make sure you keep an eye on them, as they have a tendency to cook fast and burn. Serve with catsup and eat with your hands no matter where you are.

color_TipsHow Many to Eat: Eat 6 to 8 potato circles for a snack or added to a meal. Dip into catsup, hot sauce, mustard or eat them naked and lightly salted.

Store for Later: This recipe will feed a family or you can store 6 circles in a baggie for a snack-on-the-go or put them in a container and refrigerate for reheating for a later meal.


One response to “Potato Circles

  1. omg! thank you so much for this idea!! haha
    i’m definitely going to give it a go tomorrow!

    btw.. im a subscriber to your daughter’s youtube channel!! your round diet has been a great lifestyle change for me and it makes me look and feel great!

    thank you so much!!

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