Day 2 – The Round 28-Day Diet

MONA_SMALLER_BUTT_ROUND_THOIf you are just STARTING the DIET, go back to Day 1.

It’s Your Second Day – You are on your way!

First of all, make sure you come back every day to get instructions. I will be providing lots of information that you’ll need to change your habits and lifestyle, so that you fit into smaller jeans, your life becomes simpler, and you can be the shapeliest, healthiest and happiest person you know you are…and want to be.

TOOMN_FATCELL_ATTACKED_GETAChoose from Day 1’s Meal Choices

As you know, for the first 3 days you will be eating from the same Meal Choices as Day 1. So keep eating like you did yesterday! And if you did not shop for enough ingredients to prepare your meals and snacks for 3 days, it is time to do so today.

Cooking Round Food

As a Round Dieter you will want to cook and prepare your own food as much as possible. Cooking Round foods means using fresh ingredients and keeping meals super simple so you can enjoy the true taste of the food–as nature meant them to be eaten.

If you are feeling confused about Round Food, refer to the Round Code that also explain what Round food is and why it is so Sassy!

Recipes to Try

Browse some of my Round Diet recipes.

Teaser: Tomorrow expect Round recipes from my favorite chefs.

Stock Your Pantry

If you want to get a smaller butt and keep that smaller butt, then it’s important to keep Round Diet foods in your pantry. You always want to be prepared and have basic food Round choices close at hand — it will help keep you on track.

Here’s an example of what I do. Some more on Shopping Round.

Round Exercising (Roundercising)


To lose weight and feel the joy of being strong, you must diet and exercise. At first, exercise can make you hungry, so start slowly and you will see yourself transform into a strong person, inside and out.

MONA-DIETING_SIZES-YOU2More exercise tips and routines will be added throughout this Round Holiday Diet Plan. This is just the beginning, and you will learn that dieting sizes you and exercise shapes you. For instance, if you are a pear shape and lose weight you will become a smaller pear shape, so expect to exercise and become firmer and shapelier in a way that does not need to be a in the shape of a pear.

Burn Fat

Continue with a walk or another form of aerobic exercise like running, biking, skating, rebounding, using a gym aerobic machine or taking a class of any sort for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours. So not push yourself too hard — this is not a race. Also know that if you just ate a full meal, feel free to talk a walk, but hold off on the running.


During the day, find time to take a bubble bath, a nap or anything where you can relax and think just about nothing.

No Guilt

Remember that it is what you do most of the time , not some of the time that matters most. If you blow your diet – no guilt. You can jump back on your healthy eating patterns again. Not all is lost!

Diet Visualizations

Imagine Quishing Fat Cells Away

Imagine Squishing Fat Cells Away

Visualizations are how I helped myself survive cancer, and they can work to help you rid your body of fat. I developed my own brand of healing visualizations that I share with you below.

Browse through them and pick one to do tonight.

Remember to jot anything interesting or seemingly not interesting about your visualizations in your diary.

If you need help getting started, try the links below.

Tonight’s Homework

  • Check off last night’s homework: Make sure you did last night’s homework.
  • Write in your diet diary: Start your  diary tonight to begin tracking your progress, feelings, visualizations (you will hear more about this later) and the food you eat.
    • Write your vision:
      Sit down with your Diet Diary and write down your vision of your less Round self. An easy way to do this is to imagine writing a letter to a friend or close relative about how you see yourself once you make your goal weight and goal shape. Write down how you look, how you feel, how others see you and what they say, what you are wearing, where you are going and how you life is different with less Roundness holding you back.
  • At any time, ask Diana a question or make a comment, see contact details below.

Contact Diana (The Round Lady)

Have a comment, question or need advice? Go ahead and make a comment  below or email Diana at Diana will get back to you right away.


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