Ready, set, be less Round for the Holidays

BLOG_TV_WATCHING_FOODA gift to you from the Round Lady

Lose more weight than you gain during the holidays!

Get a Smaller Holiday Butt

Join others as they embark on this new Round Holiday Diet plan. You can do so by yourself, with a family member or your entire family, with a friend or a bunch of friends. At the end of the 28-days you will know how to eat healthier and how to keep your butt as small as you desire. You can also continue the diet by starting from the beginning and doing it all over again.

When: Now

What: A 28-day plan that is more than a diet, it’s a way to see food differently so that you eat differently and are inspired to treat your body and mind differently. It’s a well-Rounded, positive-thinking lifestyle that will make you look as good on the inside as on the outside.

Who: You if you want to be less Round for the holidays and stay less Round thereafter so you can be healthier than ever, inside and out.

How: Start with DAY 1, and for a great overview, also check out DAY 20.

color_TipsBefore you consider this diet, make sure you have your doctor’s blessing. Besides that, you might want to find a diet buddy to join you in this Round holiday slimming and shaping adventure. The more the merrier, especially during the holidays. Support is a good thing and is linked heavily to success in changing eating and living patterns.


2 responses to “Ready, set, be less Round for the Holidays

  1. Dear “round lady”, ie, Diana,
    As usual, your web site is funny, eye catching, and delicious!
    I love your plan. Are you able to send daily e-mail reminders during the 28 days, for us scatterbrained people who’ll forget to check?
    Love you and the blorts,

  2. Hi Debby – part of this diet is to wake up and check this blog to find out what to do each day. So once the diet starts, when your alarm goes off each morning, get up and check this blog. Now that’s better than email, right! If that does not work, let me know and I’ll personally bug you. Hey, another idea is to get a diet buddy to go on this with you and then they can call you each morning. Glad you’ll be following along! Diana

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