Salt it, Grill it, Hold the Sauces

Ready for Grilling

Ready for Grilling

Slapping fish on the grill is super easy. All you need is some fresh fish, any kind of fish, like salmon, trout, halibut, snapper, swordfish, bass or sand dabs.

Sprinkle a smattering of salt on both sides and any fish is ready to go. For instance, the pictured trout and sand dabs have such a great flavor of their own that smothering them in anything other than a sprinkling of salt would might smother the fish’s natural flavor.

In other words, let the flavor of your fish be the star when you grill it. There’s no need to add a zillion spices or sauces. Of course, a squeeze of lemon, lime or other citrus on a piece of fish, after it’s grilled, can add a delicious zest to any meal.


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