Teresa 34 lbs Before

Teresa when she started

Teresa when she started

Meet Teresa at 164 lbs

At this time of her life, Teresa avoided all cameras. She never wanted to look at herself. She was a different person back then, 164 lbs, and she never wants to go back.

She’s lost 34 lbs and looks a lot less Round and a whole lot happier. See Teresa 34 lbs lighter and in a pair of smaller jeans.

Now that she’s lost a good chunk of her weight, she now sees that it might be a good idea to do some of those bodybuilding exercises I keep tying to get her to do. It does tend to be easier on the brain to lose some pounds before lifting weights, mostly because most people are afraid of adding extra weight, even muscle weight.

What people should know is that muscle works for you, burning fat even while you sleep. fat, on the hand, just sits there looking to get even fatter. On top of that, muscle shapes your body, giving it a curvy yet firm shape. Fat just sits there looking fat and lumpy.

So, now, Teresa is concerned about reshaping and toning her “flabbing arms.” And being that she is on my personal list of people to train, I plan to take her through a full body shaping routine in the next week or so. I’ll snap a photo of her, since I don’t have a recent one.


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