Round Beginnings

Diana in 1997

Diana in 1997

It was back in 1969, when I realized something was different about my brain. As usual, I was daydreaming in history class. I stared at a cloud through the third story window of the mansion that was my school when what I would come to call a “Blort” appeared in my head. I felt a jolt of energy that compelled me to draw it.

The instant I saw what would become the first of many Blorts, I felt safe, even special, for the first time in a life filled with a need to escape.


As the years passed, I drew Blorts, sewed Blorts, and let their world slowly unfold, jotting down stories about the magical powers of the Round Sevenberries that grew on their Sevenberry Trees. It was the Blorts’ Round eating habits that sparked my Round food theory, an inspiration that would take decades to bloom.

Blorts entered my life the same summer I encountered our family doctor sawing the head off a deer that later became a gift of venison to our family. I became an instant vegetarian. My father, a doctor of pathology at Stanford, did not approve of my meatless decision and agreed to let me stop eating meat only if I could prove I was consuming a balanced diet that included every gram of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

Years Later A Round Light Bulb Goes Off

I will never forget the day I went grocery shopping wondering what a Blort would eat if it came to Earth. I had no idea that my fictional mission would change my view of food forever and spawn this diet.

I always shop in the produce section first, and this day was no different. I pushed my cart along and looked across the bins. I could hardly believe what I saw!

Blort food was everywhere!


Round fruits and vegetables stared at me like a zillion colorful light bulbs. It was as if I was seeing them for the first time. I filled my cart and I saw that not only would Blorts have lots of food to eat, but by eating Earth’s Round foods they would automatically eat healthy.
By the time I made it to the check out line, I knew that my Blorts had helped me stumble onto something so simple that it might even be smart.


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