What are Round Diet Visualizations?

What is a Round Diet Visualization?

A Round Diet visualization is a picture or set of pictures of your less Round, slim and fit self that you form in your head. You then take these pictures, also known as imagery, on an inner journey inside your head for the specific purpose of becoming less Round.

Diana in 1984

Diana in 1984

Why Visualize Yourself Less Round?

Like an athlete who uses imagery to train their mind to win, you can train your mind to win the slim and fit body that dwells within in you. This is something I did as a top-placing competitive bodybuilder, where I pictured myself on stage with the eyes of the judges and audience all over me.

There was no way I was going to stand up there and be criticized–not after I worked so hard. I pictured myself so lean and ripped and symmetrical that I had to win.

Picturing winning a competition activates the same area of the brain as actually winning a competition. Picturing yourself losing weight and becoming slim and fit activates the same areas of your brain as actually losing weight and becoming slim and fit.


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