Printable Affirmations

Print these affirmations and place them on your mirror, fridge or any other place you frequent.




2 responses to “Printable Affirmations

  1. Hi I heard about you from your daughter on youtube! I am so going to do your diet! I want to be healthier, slimmer, and happier about myself and this sounds like a great free way! I have a question though- are you going to post the first day of dieting schedule in the morning of otober 22? so we can have it the whole day

    • Hi, how cool that you found my diet through my daughter’s youtube! I’m so happy you want to try the diet plan. I will make sure I get the instruction online in the morning. Are you dieting alone or with somebody? If you aren’t, see if somebody you know wants to do it with you. It’s fine to do alone, but a buddy can also help. I will try to be a coach on my blog during this diet and answer people’s questions in different ways. And at any time feel free to email me or leave a comment. Stay tuned! Diana

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