Chipotle Eggs & Polenta with Mango

Breakfast_egg_mango_polenta_perfect_borderHere’s a sweet and spicy breakfast I made the other morning for the man around the house, who by the way, is holding strong on the Round Diet. As you can see it is a man-sized meal, whereas my less manly plate had one less slice of Polenta.

Also note that you can buy the Polenta and Chipotle salsa at a store, so you don’t need to make it yourself. Sometimes convenience is a good thing as long as you choose healthy and fresh store bought items.


2 sauteed slices of Polenta
Sunny-side up egg
Homemade or store bought Chipotle sauce or salsa
Chunks of fresh mango

Heat a non-stick pan on medium high, add one egg, lower the temperature to medium, and cook until the whites are fully cooked. In the same pan, while cooking the egg, add one or two slices of Polenta (get a supermarket) to the pan, and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Slice the mango into chunks. Plate the Polenta and top with salsa store bought or your favorite homemade recipe, add the egg on the side along with the mango chunks. Eat it, enjoy and then go for a short walk.

If you are not a Polenta fan you can eat one or two golf ball sized potatoes instead. If you don’t have any tiny potatoes, try 1/2 slice of very grainy bread. If not bread, try the lighter side with a small salad.


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