Trout Salad on a Round Base

A Round Base for any salad or meal

Base of cabbages and watermelon radishes

One of my favorite ways to eat healthy is to prepare and store a base of shredded ingredients that I can use later with other food.

For instance, a go-to Round base is shredded cabbages with a drizzle of olive oil and rice vinegar that I top with fish, chicken or eggs.

From a Base to a Dish

For this base, I added watermelon radishes, shredded radicchio and zucchini, chopped walnuts and I spiced up the salad dressing with Dijon mustard and basil.

I heated up last night’s trout dinner and topped the base mixture with trout meat and mushrooms from last’s night’s dinner.

I served it with plain hot tea.

Lunch is Plated

It was flavorful, savory, crunchy and delicious!

Trout Salad on a Round Base

Trout Salad on a Round Base


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