Eat Like Me

My current pantry

My current pantry

In My Pantry

All these foods came from my pantry. These are the kinds of foods I keep around so I can always make a meal or snack. At any time I can whip up something healthy and tasty.

Lunch Example: For lunch I could grab the cabbages, radicchio, tomatoes, onions, and watermelon radish to make a salad.

Snack Example: On my way out the door I could snatch an apple, tangerine or banana and put it in my purse for a snack.

Dinner Example: I could pair any of the vegetables with fish, chicken or eggs.

What I Ended Up Eating

I grabbed an assortment of Round foods  for lunch, see below. I shredded the cabbages,  radicchio, zucchini, and watermelon radish, and sliced the red onion into slivers. For extra color and tang, I added the leftover marinated tomatoes from last night’s dinner. For salad dressing, I used a base of rice wine vinegar and olive oil, then added basil, Dijon mustard and a splash of sherry. For protein I added walnuts and crumbled eggs from a hard-boiled batch I made yesterday.

What's for lunch today

What's for lunch today

When it was time to prepare this salad, it was a piece of cake and tasted as delicious. It is one of the joys of eating mostly Round — food tastes extra flavorful and fresh and yummy.

Keep your pantry stocked with healthy Round foods so they are always there when preparing a meal or a snack. This will keep you from becoming super hungry and eating whatever ‘s in sight.

For snacks I put an apple and banana in my purse. The great thing about these natural snacks is that they come in their own wrappings. As long as I don’t sit on my purse, these yummy fruits won’t stain, leak or damage my purse during my hectic travels during the day. I can eat them as they are, so there is no preparation. Once done all I had was a peel and a core to toss–a very biodegradable way to snack!

Dinner ended up being a savory roasted turkey leg, baked sweet potatoes and steamed bok choy. I kept is super simple by using spices and salt for extra flavor, and I let the main ingredients shine. I plated my meal on a harvest gold colored plate, wiped my mouth with a reusable cloth napkin, and drank smooth guava juice in a tall fluted glass. To top off dinner with a dessert, I enjoyed a chilled slice of watermellon. Tomorrow night’s dinner will be a night out for sushi, and I think some sake shall also be in my future.


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