Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

Heathy Round Snacks

Healthy Round Snacks

Be Prepared to Change Your View of Food

For those of you starting the Round Diet, expect to change your view of food, even if you are an experienced dieter. Whatever your relationship with food, following this diet will help you choose healthy diet foods by their natural Round shape. As a Round Dieter, you will be able to recognize the Round nature of healthy diet food, so you can make better choices when shopping, dining out or cooking at home.

Be Prepared to Move Your Body More

You are going to want to move your body more than you move your mouth. Being more active is key to being less Round. Dieting sizes your body, then it takes exercise to change the shape of your body. Use this proven scientific method and your body will turn into art.

You will find that working out makes you want to eat better and eating better makes you want to workout. This circular combo is magic, and as close to a “magic pill” as anything that exists. Once you learn the simple principles of what is healthy Round food, you will find it harder to lie to yourself and overindulge in foods that are bad for you.

So get ready to be more active, more alive, and less bewildered about what you should and should not eat.


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