Teresa Slips into Smaller Jeans

skinner_picture4 Since her last weigh in, Teresa lost another 12 lbs, down from her starting weight of 164 to 132.

She’s lost a total of 32 lbs!

Teresa tells me that she is wearing her old size 7 jeans, the ones she saved for years hoping she might one day fit into them again. She’s gone from a size 14 to a 7!

Not only has Teresa lost pounds on the Round Diet, but she has also lost inches. To date, she’s lost a total of 5 inches from her bust, 5 inches from her waist and 6 inches from her hips. That adds up to 16 inches lost!

Stay tuned: If you like how teresa look, then you might be interested in my group diet challenge. My goal is to get people slim and in shape for and during the holidays. There’s every reason for everyone to be in better shape after the holidays, rather than being fatter and in need of a New Year’s diet.

And not to worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy many holiday foods while also getting in shape.


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