Crunchy Cucumber Circles

Stuffed Cucumber Circles

Stuffed Cucumber Circles

Ever stuff a cucumber?

I’m on a binge of stuffing different foods inside other foods. I’ve stuffed everything from zucchini to tomatoes to potatoes to peppers to mushrooms, but never did I ever think to stuff a cucumber until this weekend. I used an apple corer to make a long hole in the cucumber and tried different fillings until I found ones that would not slip out when picking up a stuffed slice.

My first successful stuffed cucumber was a simple blue cheese  filling, shown in the photo. I plated these cheesy circles on a bed of lightly dressed Radicchio and basil salad and sprinkled the dish with fresh mint leaves.

I stuffed another cucumber with a tuna mixture made with a small amount of mayonnaise, a dollop of mustard, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a tasted of lemon zest. I plated these tuna circles on a bed of shredded green and red cabbage sprinkled with olive oil and rice wine vinegar, topped with diced red onions.

My final creation required that I make a hole big enough in the cucumber to stuff half of a hard boiled egg yolk in the center. I then topped it off with a cool sauce of plain yogurt and Dijon mustard, and sprinkled the entire concoction with red pepper flakes.

If you have any stuffed ideas, please send them my way! Either comment below or email me!


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