Be Skinny Like the French

fryThe French eat high-fat foods, yet they have a fewer heart attacks and obese people than we do here in the United States. The experts only explanation is their approach to eating, which also happens to be a Round way to eat.

In a nutshell, by this Round way to eat, I mean that the French:

  • Eat smaller portions – an important Round concept
  • Eat only at mealtimes, snacking is a no-no – this unRound concept works when eating a high fat diet
  • Eat a wide variety of food – a flavor and nutritional must
  • Don’t skip meals – keeps a body consistently nutritionally satisfied
  • Enjoy their food – a Round eating must for a happy life
  • Cook with quality ingredients that are fresh and locally grown  – very green and Round way to eat
  • Stop eating when they no longer feel hungry rather than stopping only when the food is demolished – makes it easier to eat smaller portions
  • Eat meals with family and friends – makes eating something to enjoy rather than eating on the run or feeling guilty about eating

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