DIE-t or LIVE-t

Life is art and so is breakfast

Life is art and so is breakfast

To DIE-t or LIVE-t, that is the question

Diets say DIE when you eat. It sounds much more fulfilling to say LIVE when you eat.

Round eating is all about LIVE-ing when you eat, everything from shopping for naturally Round shaped food, to juggling apples before biting into one to plating colorful breakfast, lunch and dinner plates and party platters like an artist or a child – even a child artist.

Eating healthy does not need to be boring, serious, involve calculating mathematical calorie equations, or make you feel guilty when a wrong food passes your lips that in the end takes the life out of eating, you and your day.

Doing the  opposite of DIE-ting when you eat, even if you are following a strict DIE-t, can make any diet more fun and full of life. No matter what diet you are following, choose foods by their natural Round shape and while you do, notice that you end up with the same foods that are most likely on your diet – any diet.

There’s no harm in making your quest to eat healthier more fun and aLIVE. It’s your life, you are in charge, and only you know if you want to DIE-t or LIVE-t.


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