Beautiful Teresa on the Round Diet

Teresa_borderWe are following Teresa on the Round Diet.

“I got an old pair of pants on! I remember I couldn’t get them past my knees, now they’re on and zipped size 9. I know that’s still big, but I was wearing a 14.”

This is Teresa after being on the Round Diet for 6 weeks. She looks great as you can see!

It’s nearing time for Teresa to call with an update. Here’s how she’s doing so far.

Inches Lost

Bust: 4 inches
Waist: 3 inches
Hips: 3 inches

Total Inches Lost: 10 inches

Weight Lost

So far, Teresa has lost 19 lbs.

Losing weight and inches got Teresa into smaller jeans, and reduced her dress size from a 9 to a 14. Zipping up too-tight of jeans and wearing a much smaller dress is a huge accomplishment!

Stay tuned for her 8 week update!


2 responses to “Beautiful Teresa on the Round Diet

  1. im starting this diet, as of tomorrow.. and i hope maybe it will help me loose a few pounds! its nice to hear the good about it from someone else! keep up the good work! and hope to be one of the many results to be good of this diet!

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